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  1. im not deleting my character, i can't cancel it
  2. up! its working now... but still not working =( after using Ascended Salvage Tool the Empeium Foxtail weapons are now on the choices, but still not working, nothing happens after choosing them to salvage..
  3. Ascended Salvage Tool is not working on Emperium Foxtail Wand[1] and Emperium Foxtail Model[1]
  4. Ascended Salvage Tool is not working on Emperium Foxtail Wand[1] and Emperium Foxtail Model[1]
  5. the old effect is much better.. the reflecting thing, the original effect...
  7. Switch Button is not working again =D
  8. ho ho ho i just read the 1st and and 2nd line of your topic =D forgive me hahaha i though you are complaining again buddy about everything =D well buddy just take some screenies if someone do that again to you, or maybe its not intended to lure those belphe guards to other player and let them die. personally in my own experience, those guards are also attacking my Genx and since im wearing those sets they cannot hit me, but the good thing is players are free to hit belphe w/out getting attack by those guards, co'z i already have those guards around me, and tanking them =D and make us to kill Belphe easily ❤️
  9. i don't actually see anything wrong about it. in my own experience even i wore werewolf card, devi card and kp card or other item that can reduce neutral damage, i can still get hit by those WB monsters, because some of them use magic, so i need to switch GTB to counter it, so im not 100% immune to neutral property, AND i used YGGDRASIL BERRY or SEED, ETC.. i did'nt see anything wrong if u use elemental reduction when facing monsters or World bosses, or even CO- players on pvp woe, bg.. when using those combo items/ or equipment. it still part of the game. each item effect has own purposes, we can gain 100% or more reduction for each element, but not all of them at same time, its just how you figure how to counter your opponent even if its a boss or what.
  10. yup its okay buddy, since they can only do that on those maps. 😉 and often customizing is not good on the health of our server. so let's just leave it that way,
  11. for me its ok, since those flags are already there, and if those flags are used for tactics, like escaping from traps etc. is definitely OK! =D its a part of the game, even on official server,or other server, they usually use those flags to escape, so its ok buddy, its not a cheat or what, its a part of it.
  12. there are lots of changes inside the game sir, there are new items, and you better check those 1st before you complain, you are using old RK Set which is yeah pretty weak! =D
  13. log in, then choose your character then you will find this,
  14. nuuu how about try to reset character, by login'g in our website.
  15. maybe one of your guild mate also opened @gstorage, that's why u can't open it, co'z its been use
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