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  1. now i know....thats what happened. ive send you my personal info. about my account GM Everade..hope you'll receive it.. thank you GM Everade and GOD bless ive send the account info tru reply on previous pm's on you GM Everade
  2. already done sir....all i've waiting is GM Everade....
  3. its been a while i haven't play GRO and i relly missed it,playing GRO,the woe,pvp and chit chat with my co-players,doing quest or hunting MVP's it's fun but then the update came and i can't log-in with my account...and still hoping for it,to play again GRO....my account come back to me asap open to any suggestions regarding on that matters.
  4. GM Everade when i can get my main account i've already sent you all my info...im really missed it
  5. nope...its my own account....im not giving my account to anyone....im the number one enemy of menard.... please help me hersheys to get my main account please
  6. yes mam,when im trying to log-in it say's invalid password and username....
  7. GOOD DAY GM's i can't log-in in my main account i wonder why? please help me....my IGN is pisoyboo...thank you very much GM's.have a good day.
  8. dear Santa, my real name is renante and may in-game name is pisoyboo....all i wish is to have tjungkulletti or rainbow sash for this Christmas, thank you so much for reading my letter santa God bless and merry Christmas hopefully Santa will fulfill my wish, sincerely, renante aka, pisoyboo
  9. it is really my old account bro...and i really missed it...i wanted to play it again...
  10. Good pm sir/mam; i want my old account back, i totally forgot my password and e mail i used pls help me GM's. God bless you all..
  11. nice guide ced.....hope you can teach me more....heheheheh
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