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  1. I'm wrong in the last options "It was a successful quest", gave me a book but I want the sagering, and not allow me to choose again and I can not do the quest again, could you help me please?T.T
  2. Wow thanks very much for the info man! o.O
  3. Ok... I had to buy the article (I could find the way of obtaining 10m o.o incredibly) (I come from a server low be able to understand) But even I continue without deals which is the difference between 2 stones... I am grateful for his answers To Them!
  4. Yes.. I hunt the stone of sage... I killed this mob Gemini-S58 these mob drop the stone of sage... and I don't understand, I don't know which is the difference with the item that sells the merchant ship (Certainly it sells it very expensivly!!!!! 10m!!)
  5. Leaf cat card?...O.o... sorry, but you talk about the Koneko Doll hat... these item card is for koneko doll hat quest... I'm talking to the Lif Doll... u.u
  6. Hello people, I have a worry ... I am trying to do the quest to obtain the lif doll, do not have a lot of time in the server, have obtained since I could all the articles for that the NPC need... the list of items is here https://gatheringro.com/wiki/Doll_Collector_Quest 1 x Baphomet Doll 1 x Black Cat Doll 1 x Chonchon Doll 1 x Grasshopper Doll 1 x Hung Doll 1 x Little Ghost 1 x Marionette Doll 1 x Munak Doll 1 x Osiris Doll 1 x Poring Doll 1 x Raccoon Doll 1 x Rice Ball Doll 1 x Spore Doll 1 x Yoyo Doll 1 x Stone of Sage nevertheless even she says to me that I do not have all the complete items! that it happens? Can someone help me? Thank you very much...
  7. Hello, when I enter to the game, in town of Althea it goes out these notices: Because it happens? thanks! PD:I am sorry, not wise to where to put this topic
  8. Hello to everything, recently I have had problems to open the game ... when I try to open from the patcher this goes out: and this And on having opened the game GatheringRO.exe this appears: Can they help me to solve it? thanks!!
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