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  1. kirito

    Babies Vs Mvps

    Partyname: Trials of Osiris Denksmiley: Baby Knight Zzig: Baby Alchemist Captain Carrot: Baby Crusador
  2. kirito

    Babies Vs Mvps

    i take baby runenyt means rune knight?? u know that u can only be a knight not higher?
  3. dlh shudnt be a easy get hedgear. work for it lazy player ~_~
  4. personnally i think its an good guide wit a touch of fun in it. and we shudnt forget it was made 5 years ago
  5. well for warlock, u can reduce the aftercast delay wit kiel cards and Sprint set.
  6. just wait he sed its a secret
  7. momo lots of uss got few acc but we dont use them for abbuses. aslong u dont abbuse everade wont get mad. we all already know who was abbusing it. he got lucky that everade is a good person and showed some mercy. anywaysss EVERADE ON FIREEEEEE! were entering a new age in gro xD
  8. kirito

    What's Next?

    lol he didnt say anything about taking sudri out of the quest too early to celebrate
  9. scamm? from a frind?
  10. kirito

    Pile Bunker

    Please dont add unnecessary comments when it doesnt help anything??? for real?? he can write anything he wants, u replyd like u wanna offend him. ure the one who shudnt reply bullshit like that. tell me ure IGN omg acting all mighty i need to know who u are in game
  11. i fixed it, somthing was wrong wit the settings of gathering ro thanks
  12. idk wat happend but i cant open gro anymore. evrytime i open it i get this error [/url]">http://http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4216/zfpp87b3_jpg.htm'>
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