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  1. nawh good on ya :3

  2. O_O. ninjaa? dude ive been working on real life man D

  3. She is so ninja. >;o


  4. sabby you mole Q_Q

  5. You know that means you go on my page and can't even say hi -_-" I feel so unloved *goes and crys in a corner*

  6. Aww we haven't meet ingame yet T_T

    And maybe I also understand the reason why you're quitting gRO.

    Well good luck always and I'm also always miss your writings

  7. Have fun in your new server

  8. Cool, you're from Malaysia. Umm, HI! Haha!

  9. kekekeke,I should post one like that in response to your picture. =D

  10. DAUUUARRRRGH *Slap slap* =.=

  11. oh Sabrina I just noticed something. You know that V sign you have? I remember someone doing the tongue thingy between the fingers and it means something else. /gg

  12. o.O

    at least ur not doing the "lala" pose.. xP

    Newayz, i'm out of gRO.. but u still got my number, so i'll be waiting till we go out again. =)

    Have fun, and don forget DreamezZ and SparKz/Shufflez

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