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  1. Jempot, you still active?

    1. Bonsai


      Lol not in here.. Im playing D3 now lol.. Not sure if this server's stil alive haha whats up anyway? Random much? Haha

    2. Khim


      Ew wut. Lmfao. Im reminiscing. That's the reason why I'm here. It's alive still. I think. Lol. Trying to see if there's anyone else I know that roams around Gathering. I play Tera mostly nowadays ;P

  2. Lurking. #holycrap

  3. Damn. Need to install this again. QQ;

  4. Oh no, where u been now dat I has Gathering Ro installed?!

  5. Eff. Can't install GatheringRo. :c

    1. Everade


      If you require support on the installation, please create a topic in the technical support section. Or use the search function.

    2. Khim


      Lul. I got stalked by Everade.

  6. Stopping by to see old faces. I miss you guys. :c

  7. ;o Holy shit. You're a GM now. How come I no kno dis!? Grats you kno.

  8. Hey Jemmmpooot. Where u at bitch? Les go play! LOL.

  9. Khim

    Hi slut. I miss you too, bitch.

  10. Ahh. Went inactive in Gathering. *waiting for download to finish* I want ma mecha.

    1. Dark Angel

      Dark Angel

      Lol @ getting owned at prt_fild05 by Beelzebub

    2. Khim


      Lol fu. :[ that's mean.

  11. I need to be active on this girl LOL. xD I totally left the other server. i'm not stepping back in there xD

  12. DDD: Yes! Yes I did. Although, I got busy lately. xD But yes, I'm finally back. Trying to know where the quests are once again and work on gearing myself. :[ how are you sweetie?

  13. xD Fine fine. We'll all level together. I'll max my champ fast. LOL. q-q;

    ....pans are cute..? I bet wiwi knows it.. LOL

  14. Khim

    Ohai babe

  15. LOL Of all things. Fo cereal LMFAO. I heard you and Wiwi were on earlier but waited for me. xD You guys should go ahead because I'm quite used leveling here in Gathering. :P I did level my champ and stuff on ma own ju kno. LOL

    And yes yes... pie.. mm.. sex. :3

  16. LMFAO. Ehehe. ;D

  17. LOL. Just tell me when he's on der. I'll make sure to like spam his forum LOL

  18. Is he registered yet? LOL I wanna go comment "Jur getting panned." LOL

  19. LOLS. Of course he wouldn't. It'll hurt like fo shiz. Dual weilded wok? ef dat lah. LOL

  20. True dat. ;[ It was fun before. Lols lots quit/changed servers though.

  21. Actually come back to Gathering. Not sure if I'll start playing again. :[

  22. I told ju. >_> gRo > way updated than shiew/e that thing is. LOL. ;[ no other server talk. Bad. :3 LOL

    Oh and ouch... dual weilding Pie with woks coming up? Lols

  23. LOL. WHY NO CALLZ JU PIE!? Where's the pan picture?!?! WUT DA. LOL

  24. *stalk* Tamamamamama. Guess wutz~

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