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  1. -stryke

    Major Bug Fixes

    can we have a list of what skills is updated and fixed? thanks
  2. -stryke

    Client Update

    thanks for the update but can you list down the in-game change? i tested alot of skill and almost all of it has a significant decrease in damage.. and also almost all new items has the name messed up.. thanks again
  3. Sura : -Chain Combo>Combo Finish>Tiger Knuckle>Chain Rush Combo damage is too low -Fallen Empire dmg is too low too(i think) -Gates Of Hell dmg is too much(prolly because of dmg calculation) -Asura Strike dmg is too much(prolly because of dmg calculation) thats all for now.. thanks & goodluck
  4. my bad then about berserk potion, but tracking dmg is seriously low.. before the new update i did much higher
  5. Gunslinger : - Tracking dmg is messed up(too low) before i cud do almost 100k or more, now i only do 30k - Gunslinger's trap dmg is messed(too low) up too - Increase accuracy duration is too short - Gunslinger platinum skill ( Two Headed Coin & Overkill ) is gone Other : - Awakening Potion & Berserk Potion still didnt increase ASPD(Dunno about concentration potion) i think thats all for now. thanks & goodluck GM team
  6. -stryke

    More Fixes

    man, at least fix the aspd potion.. it isnt that hard isnt it?
  7. -GRB isnt working -Royal Guard's dmg advantage while using 2 handed spear isnt working -Gunslinger's increase accuracy duration isnt like before -Gunslinger's platinum skill was gone -GX's new poisons duration is too long i think thats all i can report for now. good luck
  8. right after the server is up again, i realise my angel of ghost with kiel in it is gone.. and it happened not only to me, a guy named Monkey Man(a Rune Knight) was losing his angel of ghost too, and a guy named Triblade was losing his Observer[1] with maya purple... pls kindly check this out, and maybe there are some items that lost w/o we realising it.. thanks
  9. yeah, i cant see any option to slot blank eyes... can you fix it renee?
  10. i see hahahaha, thanks2.. whats the refining chance in RAthena btw?
  11. is this legit? even in GRO?
  12. i realise that ground drift can only used by launcher type weapon and its dex+int based(havent try str).. but im sure it is
  13. but i saw one people using it.. there must be a way to obtain it. anyone knows?
  14. as stated above... the picture is here : http://file5.ratemyserver.net/items/small/5482.gif thanks for answering
  15. i was hoping for cyclops eye[1].....
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