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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling too well, so I'm going to take a rest. Hopefully I'll be back soon. Have fun with GRO!
  2. I'm still here! Sorry, I had to go down country to see some relatives.
  3. Ohh. o: I might get around to it. Maybe.
  4. And the Mail Box shall have bishounen sparkles and roses. The most handsome Mail Box in all of Ragnarok.
  5. Well, I suppose PS sort of helps to fancy things up, but what you actually draw is what's really important! ;D I'm sure that your art looks just as good without PS. And thanks..!! I'll look into PS a little more sometime, though. Knowing doesn't hurt, so.. Second one of the NPCs done! It's the warp lady. A little in-game preview of what it's supposed to look like. I might try to make the thread about this since now I have two done. Depending on whether it gets accepted or not I may or may not draw some more!
  6. Aww. Well, when you figure it out, how bout you let me know too? That's pretty interesting. I never do effects on my pictures hprprpprppfffrpprt whoops.
  7. No wayyyy I WISH!!! And I think your lines are tidy and wonderful!!!! Sai is overall easy to use and I find it more comfortable than Photoshop with it's simpler tools, so. e w e!!! GO SAI!!!
  8. I mostly draw in a program called PaintTool SAI! <:
  9. You can have wonderful hands! In fact, I'm quite sure that your current hands are amazing as well! Thank you!! That's extremely kind of you to say! <3
  10. Thank you again! I will!!! Edit: I didn't like the old version so I just started from scratch again.
  11. Well, most of it was around 300something x 500something so I based it around there! Thanks for pointing it out, though. Maybe it has to do something with resolution?
  12. Thank you Mirri! And yes, it's a baby desert wolf. The Warg for the baby ranger is almost the same size, it's adorable! <: And thank you again, Satan! That's really sweet of you to say. <:3c Edit: Huh.. I sort of based it on existing NPC sizes, but I suppose I could shrink it if necessary! It's easier to shrink than expand, so. <:
  13. I finished one of the NPCs! Ain't he look familiar? He's the Guide NPC located in Althea. What do you think?
  14. I'm afraid not. I used to, but not anymore. Sorry and thanks!
  15. Aww, thank you! ^^
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