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  1. Disable @guildskill and the 5Seconds Protection/Safe time after going in the portal. So everybody happy now?
  2. Good Guide, but will get better if there are/is Pictures/Screen Shots. And also its Thor_v03, Not Thor_dun03, its better to go Focus in Salamander & Swordsman Guardian on Thor_v03 since they give much Experience than kasa & Bow Guardian.
  3. Neb give +5 all stats now? Well, Thanks, now its settled, I'll work on my BVH 1st, then work on these after that
  4. Oh, BTW Beast, will these NPC last Forever or it will be Vanished after the Time period? I'm asking if this is a limited opportunity or not. Since you mentioned the rucksack events, this came out to my mind.
  5. I hope that there will be a Guide regarding on the cards that can be put in for the lower Head Gears. Oh yes I'm Lazy.
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