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  1. I have the same problem like the others, I can log in with my other account in game but I tried logging in my main account. I tried logging in. It says that it I entered the wrong pass/user, but I really did typed it correctly. Then suddenly, the game closes. Help
  2. Ohhh, Ok ok. Ohhh, Ok ok.
  3. Can I answer again?
  4. This one's a riddle? right?
  5. I tried using the DBC thru Cooking. It worked on me. I think it also works on the Gopinich Detale Drops.
  6. I prefer using sprint set in armor, acce and shoes. Not only because they increase the heal, but also reduces skill delay and adds little hp. I don't use Dopple for high aspd. My agi is 120 and I use ceromain, BOD +10, Thorn Shield and Bison Horn combo for 193 aspd. But Nice Guide though. +1 ^^
  7. Question, Can bubblegum increase the drop rate of the gems? Thanks in adv! Pls reply!
  8. miyoko510

    Bg Points

    Ok, someone I think reported this one before. I think there's a problem regarding the Battleground points. My BG points came back to zero. Some of my friends also experience this one. But I asked other people, their points didn't reset. Also with the people in the @bgregular as well as the people in the Top 50 BG Rankings. Please can someone answer or can someone fix this problem?? Thanks!
  9. I know some people are experiencing this. Just now, when I was inside the PVP Room, my character died, and I check the Battle Log, there's nothing that killed, damaged me. I experienced this 2x and sometimes my HP turns red without anyone attacking me. Please Help!!
  10. Yeah, It happens in my two Arch Bishops. >.<
  11. I don't know if someone reported this before. My Battleground points are restarting (back to zero) randomly. I started BG last night and I have 700 points, then the next day as I log in, my points got back to zero. O_O Someone experienced this? And also, I noticed that some people in the Leaderboard (in BG) are not very active and BG anymore but still they're in the board, But there are more people active than them and I always see them in BG. Are there problems regarding these? Please help! (Sorry for some errors) Thanks in Advance
  12. Yeah Probably. I saw Gryphon Hat and a Jumping Skeg too. I think it's really from Beastboy's giving away of hats.
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