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  1. Then i'll choose id Koxy02
  2. You have accessed more than 2 accounts, period - What does it mean? You mean it is wrong to login my other account to search of something? im not even multiple login at once. So now is wrong to have more than 2 account, in my guess from your words. Nova -> Thrashes -> NothingRO which can be interpreted on NovaRO. - This is your assumption really now. I dont have any time to play LOW RATE server, let alone play other server. What wrong with trashes? Its the item i vend is the TRASH. As i've said, it simply wasn't nice to see. - I See 2 ≠ 8 - My 2nd id not even vending (Koxy02) - What its status? Also got ban because i logged that id? If you want a second account for auto-vending solely back:Let me know which one out of the 7 you want to keep. So we can turn that particular one into a temporary suspension instead. - Can these id view on website? idk which id got my item, so i can retrieve it 1st?
  3. 8-10 accounts simultaneously - what u meant is i open this account spontaneously? I havent do that The Nova / NothingRO - is this even in the rule? Please expedite why is that wrong. If u felt that name is wrong, i'm sorry i dont have any intention. My 2nd account (Koxy02) not even auto vending. what it got banned? Remark : I've logged all my id to search of item, not im logged all in the same time. Please check. Mybe because of autovending, its shows that i logged in the same time?
  4. Koxy

    Error Login

    Hi, Error Pop up in new client. Please advice. I think because of my char using Symbol Of Beginning. IGN : B i s k u t Thanks in advance Error.bmp Error Log.txt
  5. Does anyone got updated MVP Price nowdays (2021)?
  6. How about custom headgear especially equipment from BG's & Woe's? The current effect will remain in future?
  7. Since there's no knowing how much it worth, mybe u will find it way to overprice from someone who try to exploit it. There's no trade section in forum now, only on discord channel. Might go there to know range price or ask ppl around it. Of course im curious too, im also so many thing to catch up nowdays
  8. GOogle it & found it. Its appear AMD got problem with Ragnarok. Quote from other amd site, "so apparently the last AMD drivers have compatibility issues with the new Ragnarok client (BR version), downgrading to "Adrenalin Edition 18.9.3" was possible to run normally here, it is not an ideal solution but to hold the in this version of the driver until the definitive solution." The solution that i tested works for me is ... " In the ragnarok folder renames the dbghelp.dll file to dbghelp_old.dll. It may be that you give some handler errors but just do not click 'exit' that the game does not close. You may not be able to run fullscreen, just window. " But for me its work without any problem (for now). Credit : Amd Community
  9. Its good find. To me its not wrong to get reward as marc said before to reward anyone report any bugs or abuser. Rather just keep it ourself, its better to make good balance enviroment overall.
  10. Great guide bro. Well done,easier to understand.
  11. Ive tested it with my rk, its doing fine. With geffen robe i can cast refresh while mobs atk me. And w8 for 2 min to cast another. Mybe u can post your video here to show to us?
  12. Use erendee card. Pneuma! And randel card for autoguard! In woe, u not go YOLO kill all by yourself. Its bout guild vs guild involve many player. If cant 1vs1 with just retreat and come with your team. Spiral pierce cell range already close enough unlike AD u can cast more farther than spiral even both of them are Long range.
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