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  1. Nice guide jay! informative, can you please add up tactics, tips and tricks vs other jobs
  2. Godlike

    Server Downtime

    Hope everything will be back to normal soon. Thanks for the updates.
  3. Godlike

    Patcher Hotfix

    why do i get this kind of error? awhile ago i was playing just fine, my patch fully updated also, then after an hour of letting my pc rest, when im about to login, it says failed to connect to server, then when i opened the patcher, it cannot patch, i get this error. tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still got the same problem, what to do? download full patch again? used hotfix also, same error occured, i dont think theres a problem w/ my anti virus, uac, or firewall, because hours/days ago i can play just fine. ahh nvm this post, ive tried to turn off my firewall and now its repatching again lol yeah! rock on!
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