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  2. Then a 1 hit bapho perhaps?!< lol yeah' as I already said, I dunno if its DONE or NOT ... Just a SUGGESTION ,,, and if its a 2event in One well, still its a good/fun Suggestion and Why Leave an item to the Ground when you actually need it?!< I don't/can't find any LOGIC or WHATSOEVER! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. uhm, I dunno if this was done before or someone Suggested it already, but ok, I will share what I have in mind ... So my Suggestion is, maybe its just a min-event or whatsoever but I'm pretty sure it'll be fun so here it goes .... Event Name: The a-MAZE-ing Race 2012 Mechanics/Rules: Players will have to use novice characters ... no equipment allowed as in NO! Then players should be warped in another map ... and The Map Should be a Maze map ... Like (prt_maze03) where when you enter a certain portal, you'll be warp on another random part of the map ... its Like using"@jump" command(@jump is prohibited) ... and remember this is a race, so players should race unto the finish line ... but the twist is, yes there is, since it is called like something "Amazing Race" ... players MUST/SHOULD collect or bring a random item, asked by the "GM" ... and if you found the finish line you should have the certain item, or you'll be warped back to the starting line again ... yes the map should have at least 10-15 mobsters(one hit poring?depending on the number of players participating"like 30% of the players?"). then, on the 1st round there will be 9 winners, on the second 6, then on the 3rd and last round there will be 3 winners, and be granted by the GM's Prizes ... 1st,2nd,3rd PS:Sorry I didn't explain well, I'm kinda in a rush when doing this ... I hope people will like it ... and get implemented SOON
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