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    1. Beastboy



  2. What if all guilds fight each other with the same number of members? Interesting.

    1. S4T4N


      interesting but i guess the number of differents job you'll have in your guild would make the difference (especially Swordmans)

  3. Never judge a book by its cover because time is gold.

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    2. MeIo


      don't waste your time judging someone lol

    3. AbrahamLincoln


      Never judge a book by its cover because time is gold.

    4. Futhark


      -'book' +'RO Server' :P

  4. Royal Guards.. Royal Guards everywhere!

  5. Right in the effin' childhood ! </3
  6. Maybe the mechanics of this server is different. it's pretty much the same case as Shadow Chaser's manhole, in kRO, manhole can be casted under any players cell, while here, you can only place manhole atleast a cell away from every player.
  7. Yes it's possible, I've done that before. The only thing you want to look out for is the temperature of the flashdrive, who knows what'll happen if it's too hot.
  8. Maybe it was quarantined by your Antivirus?
  9. so 500 points for 1pc of gym pass? I think it's reasonable to deserve a refund since the description of the gym pass box is wrong on the first place, I am kindly asking the GM's to refund the points or give the rest of the gym passes thanks.
  10. I remember doing the same with my WL, I bought 10 gym passes for 1mith:1gym pass, and yes it's from the kafra shop
  11. So I bought gym passes from a friend, we traded while the gym passes are inside the box and when I opened it, here's what I got: It's supposed to be 10 right? I only got 1 pc, can you please fix this? thanks in advance. IGN: IX The character I bought the gym pass box from is : RainbowPowder Screenshot from the character I bought the item:
  12. Mine needs 48x Honey Pancake, Is it possible to farm that item? where?
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