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  1. Sad to say, i sold all my nightmares before i became inactive (pre-big update) If i get one, i'll contact you Now, As you can see GM Everade, the observer has a 7 day period, It came from digging. It should not have an expiration. Can you please look into it? I've been asking this for so so many times. No gm has tried digging to see the proof. O_O
  2. +1 For the digging thing. And dude, did you ever get a hockey mask or a freyja crown or an observer? Check if they have a timer. o-o
  3. Thank you for backing me up man. I hope the gm team would look into this, i have more boxes that i don't even want to open because they'd be gone in a week.
  4. Could anyone just dig for an observer or freyja's crown or a hockey mask so you guys would see it for yourselves. O_O Nobody seems to believe me. Back me up anyone who has seen the damned timer -__- Or are they really rental items now after the big update?
  5. So the boxes from digging = Rental items only?
  6. I received them from digging. and they come in boxes when i got them from digging. Okay, i'll dig another one and show it to you. ------------------------------------------ Got it everade, please tell me when i could show the box to you
  7. Bump, why isn't anyone replying. O_O
  8. screenshot Im about to lose some items, and i just lost one hockey mask. Any reply from The gm's? Im pretty sure ya'll viewed this topic
  9. Bump, the hockey mask got deleted last night. any reply from any GM?
  10. Well, you are a player, how can you know if its fine? And how do you explain why the items above has a timer?
  11. This deserves a bump, and along with that i'd also like to ask if The digging quest is working as it should be, please kindly check. Spent 500 bent spoons and still, i did not get a nightmare[dig]. I know its all about luck, but checking it if it is working perfectly wouldn't hurt right? Thats all! My hockey mask would disappear tomorrow aswell.
  12. Hockey mask , Freyja Crown and Observer has a timer of 10080 minutes / 7 days. Im just afraid that it would disappear and i wouldn't get it back. I can post screenies of the timer and the item if you would like. But GM's could check the item itself and see the timer itself. PS: The said items cannot be traded, it used to be tradeable.
  13. Awesome it worked. thanks!
  14. Im using windows xp pro 2002 sp3 , I have just reformatted my computer and decided to download gatheringRO. As i click the patcher it loads and the play button appears, after i click it nothing happens. i do not have an antivirus installed in my computer.
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