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  1. Mhmmmm..what if you get unlucky and Beelze gets summon? wouldn't that be a bitch for certain classes?
  2. Ahahahaha xD Go away old man xP
  3. I'll give you a gold star for scripting the quest. collect 2 more stars and PM me for YOUR gift.
  4. Which guards are you talking about? O_o I was doing this quest myself the other day and had no problems what so ever. I did somehow came about with someone that was trying to buy Ruby and Emerald in Althea. You don't need to waste your time like that, if your to lazy to hunt them, you can purchase the gemstones at [@warp lhz_in02 105 21]
  5. Yeah you should be able to do the quest with another character and on the same account.
  6. Nice to see that this guide is still helping those in need. Okay a little addition to this guide for those who DON'T know of it yet. If your to lazy to warp around killing 300 Poring's farming for Jellopys or just simply refuse to kill them or what so ever mobs ingame because you find them "cute" and such (yes I know Jellopy doesn't only drop of Poring's) There is another method to it. Step 1 : Buy meat from the meat vendors, List of Meat Vendors. Step 2 : Head over to Umbala and talk to the Utan Kid (Umbala 59 243). Step 3 : The kid will ask for meat. Give him 1 Meat and you will be rewarded with 2 Jellopy, 2 Fluff, and 2 Clover in exchange Step 4 : Sell/Throw the Clover's if you wish, you have an option to keeping the feathers if you want to make some headgears in future, I can't remember which ones but do look it up. EDIT: I sorta bumped into an old guide that was made for this quest, feel free to look it through Umbala Meat Quest
  7. Done. Hope everything worked out for you.
  8. Nice guide ;O Didn't know about the silent FJ gonna test it out later
  9. Oh you found it, I thought the guide was long gone since it was made ages ago, not sure how I missed it..but oh well, as for it being bugged, it isn't anymore.
  10. Thanks Misha <3 Not sure if this quest was bugged, but its fine now o-o
  11. Dokebi Battle Quest Requirements: None Rewards: Random Taming Item, GatheringRO Coupon. This was once a quest I often did back in the old days, I just remembered about it while I was doing the Amatsu Dungeon Quest. I notice that there wasn't a guide for this quest and wondered if anyone still remember/know about this quest. Its pretty simple and it gives you basically a free coupon. 1. Find the publisher woman in Amatsu. She's standing between the cherry blossom trees at the mid-east part, with the picnic plaids on the ground. [@warp Amatsu 223 234] 2. Talk to her and she'll tell you of their latest story scroll, a story about a town being harrassed by Dokebis, and of the boy Mimitoro, who saves the towners by defeating the Dokebis. Because of the great succes of the story (over one million scrolls sold) they decided to hold a Mimitoro field trip. Once this question pops up select as shown 3. If you decide to enter the minigame, you start in a waiting room, enter the chatroom which says "Waiting Exhibition" and one person will be randomly chosen each time to play the game, so just sit and wait. 4. Once you enter the playing field, you will first see a little bit of theatre. Two people telling how the Dokebis hacked their accounts and made off with 120 million Zeny. 5. When the game starts, 8 Dokebi's will spawn, and you have to kill them within 6 minutes. 6. After killing all the Dokebi's, this dude will uncloak himself, talk to him and select as shown 7. If you finish the game, you can go and collect your prize, a random tame item, from the publisher woman. You can only do this quest once per character. Complete! Congrats! you've just completed one of the easiest quest in RO! Unless you have problems killing 8 dokebi's in under 6 mins which I doubt you will. So try it out if you haven't done it before, who wouldn't want a free coupon anyways? Leave a comment (: Sources: irowiki.org
  12. Lol, Thanks Misha x) I'm sure everyone does? (I think)
  13. SparKz

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name:Shufflez # of Choice: 17 In-Game Character:Shufflez
  14. No, this quest doesn't give you a coupon point sadly =\
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