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  1. Updating kRO might help. Click the kRO button on the patcher and just let it run, then re-open the patcher.
  2. Laer

    Server Maintenace

    The Dice Game NPC won't take the Silver coins dropped by Silvering. Does it want another kind of silver coin? if so, where can i get them? @ joreille16: The Costume Shop NPC is in the house south of the Armour Refining building in Althea.
  3. Yeah, warping to maps (either through portals or the @warp command) other than the map you hatched your pet in causes you to warp back to the spawn point in Althea. You can jump around in the same map as the one you've hatched your pet in, though. I also checked if I can get into alt_fild07 (the map south of Althea that's used for Belphegor events) and then hatch a pet from there. It turns out that you can, which is the bit that's unsettling. I haven't been to a Belphegor event since the code was implemented, but if it lets you do that during the event then the code merely discourages people from hatching their pet before warping into that map.
  4. Erm, warping to any map with my non-looting pet hatched it keeps warping me back to Althea. Is this supposed to happen?
  5. If I'm lucky enough to be here for the next Belph event, lol. Looking forward to it!
  6. Sounds excellent. I just want to ask about what you meant exactly by pet use restrictions. Does that mean you can't hatch eggs anywhere when a Belph event is going on or did you somehow restrict looter pet hatching on the Belph field?
  7. Lots of good stuff in this update I think. :] Thanks!
  8. If the amount being asked by those godly gear quests stay the same, yeah, I agree I'm afraid. The public's dependence on miths should still be too high for it to be displaced as a currency unless those quest requirements are changed.
  9. The last part is very much noted. Thanks for everything else! :]
  10. Laer


    It works for me. Did you have Medicine Bowls in your inventory as well?
  11. Er no, what I meant was I can't vote on GameTop100 every 12 hours on the same account and on the same computer. I have to alternate computers (I still use the same network connection on both) somehow in order for it to go through. GameTop100 is the only one that does this to me, all the other vote sites count my vote no problem. I only vote on one account btw. I sort of just accept this for now in any case.
  12. Thanks so much for telling me this. We were able to finish the quest just in time.
  13. I've only just recently got a +8 Cake Hat for myself and my sister, so bear with me for being late to the party. I've equipped the 9th Anniversary Cake Hat and started hunting for Love Flowers, only to find out that it's not dropping any Love Flowers. Can anyone else help corroborate this? (Here and in the Bugs Report Forum, if you can. Thanks.)
  14. Try resetting your connection on your router perhaps? Strangely enough, I'm only able to get the vote points if I alternate my voting on different computers. For some reason I can only vote on the same computer every 12 hours. :\
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