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  1. Not exactly a come back lol Just saw this update on facebook its nice to see the things I made back then are still used hahaha
  2. This is awesome! I am proud!
  3. imp hat doesn't have a card slot
  4. Just in case anyone is wondering, the armor enchant npc is working fine, ignore the rewards on the daily quest npc, those shouldn't be there

  5. I am confident on the checks I had on the code, the fact that you arr still seeing the option means you havent reach the pot limit

    1. OLOKin


      can you give us a hint on how many mithril to donate? ^_^

  6. sigh... what sloppy work we got for the daily quest -_-

  7. nope that shouldn't be the case, the check should be specifically only on that event map, could you confirm if it is all maps or just certain ones
  8. The silver coin is not available, yet part of the economy fix
  9. The Dice Hat is not included in the list of headgears in exchange for points You would get a Dice Hat if you win several times in a row
  10. dealing with NPC timers is hard to test :(

  11. only applies on the skills bug tracker
  12. Suggestions go to Feedback Bug Reports to the Bug Tracker
  13. Sigh~ I wish there is better documentation on all these headgears and quest #auditingnotfun

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    2. Laer


      Alright. :] Good luck on getting through all of that work though.

    3. kirito


      thanks for the hard work sir :D

    4. Argatlahm


      where is that like button here? XD

  14. I want to code now but I'm still at work, but when I'm home, I'm too tired to script D:

    1. kirito


      gogo arga we belive in you !! :D

    2. Archetype


      Script until your hands fall off. Then we shall get you robotic hands. Never tired again

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