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  1. I don't have any use for the card and I even have multiple copies of it. If you will check the post 2018 WW was already nerf from it's original effect. Every year there are discussion from this topic and if you will check the replies, most of it comes from players who owns the card and feels useless to have it but gets shutdown because they have their own idea of "rebalance WBC". Now say it will be changed to another effect, pretty sure many will still complain like you because it just doesn't appeal you. You can't please everybody as they say. Unless you can help and actually provide a new description effect that you feel balance and will help this community, please do so instead of "blabbering gibberish" stuff. If you want change, then provide actual input and don't just whine. Everade's open to suggestion but finds it difficult to find that sweet spot right? Then provide your actual input and let him decide.
  2. Just saw this thread and the topic that's been on debate for the past years. As the Administrator indicated, it's not his priority to do so, and if you will be pushing for an updated effect, might as well answer his questions related to the balancing of the card below: Why do you want it to be changed in the first place? Because you own it and prefer a different effect? Please note that we only rebalance items when it makes sense to do so. Hope this helps and accept that it's fate is sealed.
  3. lancelot

    Happy New Year

    NICE! Happy New Year folks!
  4. Hi! Would just like to clarify if the changes are official for the following when you are inside a Mado bot: 1. Can't cloak using sinx card 2. Cant skill auto guard with randel 3. Cant skill Crazy Uproar Thanks
  5. So i need to buy the storage expander worth 2300 cp to access my items?
  6. It says VIP Storage expander needed. So I need to buy the item from the cash shop just to access my old items?
  7. Same. Most of the items that are missing from the Emperium catalogue. Lost 3 items that were placed in my storage. Hoping they can get the back-up database to return these lost items. Thanks This the error when I load my client, which may be the cause of the missing items: " There was an error when loading the data account settings. (Please restart to retry)" Which I did so many times. Hoping it gets solved. Thanks
  8. I just noticed, after the update my Emperium items are missing (not all, just the ones located in the storage) emperium manteau with sinx (forgot the refine since its just in the storage but prolly +7 or so) emperium manteau with KADES (forgot the refine since its just in the storage but prolly +7 or so) emperium dagger with 1TH? ( +8 with matk spell 5 bonuses) So far thats the missing. Haven't checked everything yet but they are all in the storage and occurs with emp items. Will it be fixed? Thanks - edited just checked my account and kades was the one not nox.
  9. lancelot

    Updates & Fixes

    So is it like 0.002? So if i convert my 1 Billion, 1,000,000,000.00 x 0.002 = 2,000,000 is the payment I NEED TO PAY just to use the service? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. - 1 for this
  10. Oh so I think it can be in terms for example, you have Mado SD build. Then you have main woe char waiting in Althea or Woe Core map (If it will not be considered as dualing. So when there is clash, you use your mado and SD then go back to Althea/Woe core map ( again if it is not dualing if its just waiting) while waiting for cooldown. So now you can switch back to your main WoE char and play till SD timer is up then you get out of the castle again and switch to Mado? So did I get it right for mecha? For Linker well they are just there to link. Following this topic to be enlightened.
  11. Ah lol was browsing via mobile phone earlier and thought you're suggesting. Tho Vio is right afaik it's an exclusive skill. Tho the success chance is so slim than the one given in the description (70% - feels like 5% tho imo)
  12. Thanks! Tho I don't get why limit to 200 if they can increase it to atleast 300, that would be great.
  13. Can't place my tokens back to the storage. Thanks
  14. Yes! A little too high even if its insta-cast
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