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  1. HEY CHAD!! can we talk add me in MSn or something. Please. i really need to talk to you.. :-*

  2. Hey ass!

    how are you!!

  3. YaY! Thanks!! ^^,

  4. SoO CUte. =3..

    hi.. LOl

  5. i KNoW yoU riGht/! O_O.. SOmetHIngs telling me that i knoW yhou.. O_O

  6. hey how r ya? miss me?..

  7. WhEre Are you GuyS!! O_O.. I MISh.. You!.. =3. XD

  8. WhEre Are you GuyS!! O_O.. I MISh.. You!.. =3. XD

  9. WhEre Are you GuyS!! O_O.. I MISh.. You!.. =3. XD

  10. YeAH i MEaN.. buT.. >.

    i Think mY FRiENd OF minE Who'S FrIEnd oF yours!? that's why i know you.. WhERE you FrOm?

  11. HeY i Think I knOW you FrOm SomEWhere?! o_O

    WhERe you From!?


  13. ahh HiY again xD ^^,

  14. Hi Cookie!! O_O

    i wanna see you!?

    and be friends with you..isaw your sexual harasmanet..thread.. that's why i hate some of the filipino..guys..they're too ignorant.not to be racist and im not saying that im saying it genrally to all filipino's ^^,

    hope to see you soon ^^,

  15. Abba.. suddenly you became so cold to me >.

  16. Shuuhei!!! O_O

    your 12.. =/ !!

  17. hi zera! ^^,

    just wanna ask something! about your picture.. the guy breaking his hands and head.. i want that too! its cooL! /gg

    cya in the Game. ^^,

  18. HiY!!

    hey lIGhty!!

    do i know you in the game? or did i already saw you???.. O_O

    just wanna say HIY!! and thanks.. ;)

  19. Hi Mikra...

    am i bad?

  20. Sorrow.. am i bad to you?

  21. WawY!! Sledgy... Thanks For the greetingz.. ^^,

    I Do? see you in morroc? did i dueled you or something? haha.. ;)

  22. Cool Your a Filipino! O_O

    GM!? Wicked.. just wanna say HIY!.. and wanna meet ya.. ;) ^^,


  23. Hmp!!

    SORROW your so dead when i see you!..


    ill own you haha.. >:-))

    errkzz.. joke.. ^^,

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