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  1. Yea I figure out. my bad . i thought It was 70%. Thanks for correcting me Eve.
  2. @Everade I got a suggestion addition on Asuna's topic , maybe increase HP/SP Customization? since its already, around 70%-80% damage reduction on PVP/WOE maps. Even with applied customization I still see 1 shot. Since the HP cap is 1.1m, we barely reach this HP without tremendous amount of food but its really impossible even for RK/RG to reach it. Even with healing potions restrictions are lifted its still a bit off and ppl not really doing WOE so serious now. Increasing HP wont really hurt so pvp people can still have fun on WOE/BG. I think best way to attain not getting 1 shot is make HP/SP increase, for example RK/RG will have around 700k-800k or 900k-1.1m with all the HP modifier applied. then other classes can have 400k-500k or 700k-800k if they use all HP item modifiers. So we can bring back that some uniqueness that gRO offers. If we stick with the current HP/SP customization, more or less likely getting 1 shot even with superior reduction items. It wont hurt if we try. What do you think?
  3. @Kazalus WDYM ignition is balanced put that Ignition Break back to the broken list. The bowling bash is complete garbage IMO, you need a specific weapon for that reduce cooldown of bowling bash which is only available in ep 17.2 of the game same with Hundred spear and Brandish spear. Wind cutter is just meh. its got have the damage but the skill itself is just a meh, compare to the stagger lock of bowling bash which is garbage now. Windcutter dont have the stagger lock. How I wish they give back the .3 casting time of bowling. feels bad man. But yes Im just gonna wait till Eve drops 17.2. Shield Chain however you need +13-14 glorious spear to make the most use out of this skill and the casting range of this skill is 11 cell . Sacrifice is HP based even if you buff the scale of it it will roughly go around 12-15k. coz of our HP scale right now. The most broken class of all is GX. All these things you ask are all answered by at Episode 17.2. or if Eve release Edda biolab instance earlier then all these skill gaps will be filled by the specific weapons. Specific items for specific skill. Since we follow official scale now. As much as I hate 2 hand swords do but I have no choice haha. *fking gross where are my 1 hand sword/spear and shields at*
  4. I think the easy fix is just to make GRB current effect stay for the Magic class players. but yes have to wait to the client release itself
  5. Thank you so much for the Updates Eve! l
  6. Hmm I see. Probably because of my character stat build for my casting is making it slow. I just think 0.1 is good coz of the flat value that is why I say its a bit underpowered in terms of casting time. Anyways thank you Eve for response. I did some test it on just now on Exe boots with a good amount of dex and int stats and I can see now what you mean.
  7. Only on BG I think. Not sure on WOE.
  8. Hello, so I was checking out the Ascended armors in Battlegrounds, Executioners boots caught my eye when I try to compare it with gladiator boots. I see it a bit underwhelming in terms of raw stats on Boots. the casting itself already see that Gladiator boots over power Executioner boots. My suggestion is it either give Executioner boots a bit of increase in reduce fix cast time to 25% instead of 15%? or give it also a reduce .1 fix casting. Im pretty sure this will benefit both RG and RK or even GX or summoners as well on casting time. But I know new gears coming soon overpowering this Battleground customized sets. but yes, I still think Executioner's boots are a bit underpowered by stats.
  9. yeah tested and prove with demon. what are your thoughts? seems like on low lvl mosnter i did about 5.4m with lex atherna and 2.5m without lex with 2 megingjards and a blade weapon. but on test dummy i did about 35k-50k. depending on elemental converters i used. does this affect pvp/pve content? or its just the monster lvl is too low. @Everade @Rayleigh thoughts on IB? a bit high or on purpose to play multiple builds on pvp?
  10. Revamp of the guide coming soon. A lot of newbie players ask for some PVE/PVM content of the guide. I will also add some sample chain combos, burst PVE skill rotation . since the new Meta of the server added by our beloved Admin and Developer has shifted from spamming META to super burst META. RK became popular again for these updates not to mention the Executioner set update plus the new Gladiator set in BG and also about new Emp armors. so stay tune
  11. LKshaye

    New Instances

    I was about to go haitus then I saw this one. OKAY TIME TO GRIND! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  12. Why does the spiral have a lot of damage compare to hundred spear? does the hundred spear nerfed?
  13. My all time motivation Capt'n Steve Rogers HBD!
  14. thanks! I always wonder what sorc items does overall guide 10/10 need some sprites on items so everyone can see what kind of item is that.
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