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  1. you mean my *love* uhmm cough. xDD
  2. hey uhm.... nice signature? xDDD
  3. this topic will never end lmao 2785
  4. we could uhm time it with someones timer? xD but dont you think it will be a awesome event?
  5. is this event idea event still active? i have a some what event idea ok so its endless tower BUT its a random party made of 4players. Everyone who is participating the event have to role a dice and the teams will divide into EVEN and ODD teams. (if you roled 1,3,5 you are ODD. if you roled 2.4.6 you are EVEN). BTW! maximum number of players that can participate in this event is 24 because -EVEN team line 1,2,3-, -ODD team line 1,2,3- first come first serve? the even players will role the dice again one at a time. the first 4players who roled "1", will be line number 1. players who roled "2", will go second, and so on. after the EVEN team is all ready and the team is all set up, the ODD team will do the same thing. ok so after the teams are all set up, we need to choose which team goes first. will it be EVEN team or the ODD team? the event host will choose a captin on both teams(RANDOM PICK). those captin will role the dice once more and whoever gets the higher number will go first. for example, EVEN team won, then EVEN team line 1 will go first. after they are done, ODD team line 1 goes, then EVEN team line 2, ODD line 2, and so on. after all the teams/lines are finished the tower, we add up all the time EVEN lines took and the ODD lines took. the team with less time wins~ and yes we have to time every line basically the object of this event is to end the tower fast as possible this event will be a big event because 6teams of 4players in endless tower? the winer wins something from GMs ~.~ and i hope this event idea event is still going on. took me alot to think of this game haha
  6. uhm, i know this is some retarded question but where can i find rosequartz? i used the @whodrops, @whosell and found nothing. thank you. EDIT: i have no idea why my colors changed '--'
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