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  1. Nina! You're back?

    1. Silmeria


      Yes :D lol its probably too late to answer :P

  2. I got a fever D: but I'm fine! How are you?

  3. Hai there Renee :3 Hope you doing fine

  4. Oh my! Hi Nikki, looong time


  6. Kinda back. Visiting from time to time :3

  7. Happy belated birthday Nina!

  8. Hai Mirri moo :3

  9. RrrrrrrMisha!

  10. Congratulations Sam.

  11. Nuuu, just not as much as before.

  12. Miiiiisha. o.o

  13. I wub you sis~

  14. I wanna get drunnk with you too. D:

  15. Omg, it's Kami! :D

  16. Stalker!


  17. I'm the guy from Argentina that told you we had a lot of conventions and that he'd like to cosplay! I think it was my Creator which I was on that day~

  18. D: I eat a lot already! It's just my family's genetic. Like, I could live eating in Mc Donalds everyday and still be so skinny :x

  19. Jaja, buenas! Mr. Policia :P

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