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  1. ohh i didnt know that, thanks ray i appreciate ur help
  2. Ok, im trying to make some foods today and i cant find the melange pot, anyone knows about this?
  3. how can i even see my premium timer if the command @myinfo is not working? is there any way to see my premium timer? and i got no screenshot on my @rentstorage, so how can i even show you if all commands are not working?
  4. dont tell me i need to go premium again to access my rentstorage? i got 2accounts and i cant premium both again, and i just donate 2times in a row.. fck this!
  5. what happen to all premiums commands? im just worried about @rentstorage coz i got some items there, please fix this issue asap
  6. uhm, the quest is good sir everade, sorry but it was my friend who screwed up.. he missed something on the quest sorry about that Admin.. The Sign Quest is working fine, its our fault and we're sorry about this
  7. v H i N

    Grb Card!

    Thanks for the help Admin, i really appreciate it
  8. v H i N

    Grb Card!

    Ok sir Everade, thank you..
  9. v H i N

    Grb Card!

    Sir Everade, just wondering what happen to my GRB? the apple is gone, but along with my GRB?
  10. thanks GM Ray, i appreciate that.. let me know if there's anything.. thanks..
  11. on this part, anyone know how many tries to do to get the Witch's Spell Book? cause my friend tries many times now and he still doing it like 3days now, but still nothing? is this part of the sign normally took that long or so?? we really need to know, it will help my newbie friend to move on thanks in advance.. btw, me myself forgot about this part cause its been 4yrs i think maybe there is one of you guys still remember or got a good memory not like me LOL!
  12. v H i N

    Grb Card!

    maybe this helps, my friend borrowed my grb and he bring it back (still GRB card) and then 2 or 3 days after (i think) boom! its apple lol btw, i transfered my GRB from H unt to F l i p p y thanks GM and yea same as olga, i always keep it on alt+E
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