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Status Updates posted by S4T4N

  1. AB Guide update : fixed broken image links.

    (I have been thinking about RO a lot recently, but i am not sure if i want to return yet.

    The last time i tried, i couldn't even handle 1 skill bar anymore, lol.)

  2. It always feels weird to check forums and notice most people i've known are gone...

  3. "Write a guide" huh ? Now that's a good idea imo. Hopefully we'll finally get some up-to-dates guides for the expanded jobs. 

  4. Added Kades card to my AB guide~

  5. Everade is the best!

  6. Kinda surprised no one did Oboro / Kagerou or Rebellion guides, these looks super cool

  7. Another AB guide update, this time i added some up-to-date equips

  8. Oooh... So apparently you can cancel Offertorium's effect by just casting Magnificat, so if you time that right you can have a super top-tier heal while still recovering SP right after... i wonder if could add that to my guide somehow, either way these new equips seems really good for Full Support AB, amazing

    1. Erina


      Add them to your new guide

    2. S4T4N


      Added. Idk when i'll add the new equips though, still having a hard time getting back into RO

  9. updated the AB guide a bit, can probably add better equips at some point though. No idea what people use nowadays.

  10. Kinda want to play again but RO changed so much...

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    2. S4T4N


      it was super fun doing it, i remember asking people for offers and items just to try out stuff, the community was super helpful

    3. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      The community's been downgrading alot

    4. S4T4N


      Oh really ? Seems the same to me... well, for the forum that is, didn't check IG yet :o

  11. It's been ages

  12. I'll leave my skype in my profile, if anyone wants to keep contact.

  13. Happy New Year !

  14. PostMan was nice today... got "Ragnarok Online Complete Soundtrack". 5 Discs of memories.

  15. A whole year has passed...

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    2. ken


      and I still don't have a prism ==

    3. S4T4N


      lol, i did this thing once and never tried it again, it's just so long and boring

    4. ken


      Yeah. I already spent 150+ vote points and still haven't finished it yet >_< /lazymuch

  16. Tried "Ragnarok Odyssey Ace",basically, RO in 3D on PS3... anyone else tried it ? So far it seems kinda cool

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    2. Everade


      I guess it will become more interesting the longer you play it. But it doesn't fit my taste.

    3. S4T4N


      Oh well, so far, once i get the game i'm gonna get some DLCs too, like atleast the jobs ones. Hopefully the game and DLC aren't that expensive compared to other games :D

    4. S4T4N


      Got the game and DLCs, really like it :o

  17. Wake up, leave your hesitation~

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    2. S4T4N


      Btw, about your computer... that's very, very weird, i don't know what it could be honestly...

    3. Nazue


      hmm... to bad you can't help... before I ask a GM I'll try installing gRO on my laptop... maybe some programs from my computer get in conflict with the gRO file.. >.<

      ..still.. thanks~

      let's meet in game next time ^^

    4. S4T4N


      i don't have the game anymore, but i'll try the Site Browser thing though

  18. Refine Guide update : Armor chances and bonuses added, WhiteSmith chances added (kinda), also added some infos about Enriched Ores chances.

    1. leaphar


      Its a bit weird now that I had a feeling that whitesmith upgrades better than a mechanic. XD

    2. S4T4N


      Well actually, both have the same chances i guess, to be honest i only tried as Mechanic long ago, but the chances were still high so i guess even if it could be different it wouldn't be a big difference.

  19. Refining Guide : Added some lines, corrected some grammar errors... also a note added at the end of the guide.

  20. 12K+ views on AB guide... wtf ?

  21. ~Get Me Power !~ └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘

  22. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚Together we can over come all the odds (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

  23. All thoses things getting fixed D:

  24. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

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    2. S4T4N


      Best chars :P

      Also Zelos and Genis *q*

    3. jorielle16


      haha yeah you got it right brow :P..

    4. S4T4N


      I can't wait to get all the trophies on it though, so far i prefer the look of the hero in the sequel :D

  25. Refining guide reached 3k views... wut

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