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  1. thanks beast! pubs in althea again! and now endless as well! awesomeeee
  2. kp9911

    Server Maintenance

    i really don't care how long it takes to get back up again! its best that it gets a 100% fix rather than constant crashes later! but the thing that is bothering me is that will GRo lose its awesome amount of players. ive seen many a server be it ro or any other MMo for that matter, once something like this happens BAM! server population is only 25% at the end of the fix hopefully since people don't have the patience hopefully they'll remain loyal? all the best GM team. this server made me start playing this game again after 5 years!
  3. lost 26 mil only i suggest you only take a max of 40mil wid you!
  4. kp9911

    Patcher Hotfix

    is there any other way to download this hot fix file i cant even download it from the location gives since none of my browsers are locating that file for some reason >.>
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