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  1. Added new Emperium Equipment to Emperium Armor Chest?? I thought you had no plans in placing these? oh well.
  2. Yea I guess I did gender change. Thanks!
  3. So I was about to play and suddenly i can't log in due to error and it crashes after This happened just right before entering character select screen
  4. So I recently got my +9 geffen magic robe and paired it with my temp dex boots. With stats enough to reduce all variable cast time , 185 dex to proc the -.3 fixed cast time from the temp dex boots, and the -.1 fixed cast time from +9 geffen magic robe I expected that I would have a cast time of .6 seconds and about .1 seconds if with sacra.A What happened was casting Acid Demo had no cast time just by wearing +9 geffen magic robe and temp dex boots without sacra. I think this is a bug and should be fixed. Is it safe to use these equips? or would I be considered a bug abuser by using these? Thanks EDIT: Asked everade and told me Acid Demo only have 0.4 fixed cast time. Closed
  5. Yes, I tried that but also looking at it visually there seems to be no effect in the cast time
  6. I tried Psychic wave with and without fenrir card and there seems to be no difference. I was expecting the cast time to be a little bit faster than with sacra. Also, I have not compared cast time of other skills with and without fenrir. Please check, thanks
  7. Dear Santa, I am Challengeur ingame, my real name is Eli 23 years old. It has been like 7 years since I started playing in this server. This Christmas I hope you would give me a Costume Drooping Kiehl (Item Id:19600). This costume is what I desire the most and would give me a stronger look ingame. Merry Christmas Santa, I hope you would consider my request. Eli
  8. eli---

    Shadow walk[1]

    What a useless slot
  9. I'd like to ask if why is there no chance for shadow walk[1] to cast cloaking when it's description in game says so? If we check the data base item ID # 2486 there is no script on cloaking while for item ID # 2426 (Shadow walk with no slot) there is a script on cloaking.
  10. eli---

    Land Protector

    seems like GMs don't have replies to this concern. Few similar reports were made in the past.
  11. "Reduces variable cast time of all skills by 30%" Does this mean that for me to have no variable cast time, instead of int+2*dex=530 would be int+2*dex=530*.7=371 ? (given that I wear one berzebub card) I tried wearing one berzebub card but it seems I still need to achive the 530 instead of the 371 to have no variable cast time
  12. Thank you so much. If you need other information please send me a pm thanks.
  13. I've searched all my characters and the storage. No sign of my Gset. GM already recovered my prism and BE but not the Gset. any possible reason for why this happened? thanks
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