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  1. to make life more simple with ur switching weapons.. get 2 instruments of the same type.. eg. 2 violins. thus, Bragu>Violin>Apple>violin>Whistle>Fortune Sword.. see my point? i also suggest using a lute, if u arent too into "weapon slots" Reason~ it weights less than a violin.. can carry more, i dunno... panacea?
  2. DreamerzZ

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name : DreamerzZ # of Choice : 9 In-Game Character : DreamzZ
  3. DreamerzZ

    Lottery Of /fsh

    didnt i post for #5 first? or how does this work?
  4. DreamerzZ

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name : DreamerzZ # of choice : 5 In-Game Character: DreamzZ
  5. Item Name : Blessed Valkyrie Helm Undecided Item ID : 30011 + 4403 Why I want it? : Bored much~
  6. Basically, Garm ish good against SB builds.. but Not All of them As i know, most of them uses Tao instead of Marc..So Garm is usefull against them. Besides Sb Builds, its also useful against Pallies..
  7. I'm a Filipino born in Malaysia... This guide seems pretty fairly useful for me.. =) I used to know only 2 sentence which is magandang umaga, and kumusta ka..=PP with this guide.. finally i can learn my something.. rather than nothing *bows* thanks Chad!~ Keep it up!!~ @EDIT Not for the Ebil Section though.. =PP
  8. Vrand Doesn't make u immune to strip.. it makes ur weapon unbreakable~
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