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  1. So i just wanna know if anyone can help me get my account back... i totally forgot my password and i forgot which email i used to when i made the account. im pretty sure some of the GMs remember me :3
  2. hmm wait 5340 divided by 5 minus 200 868
  3. Nice Job!! im just curious did you use max str to hold all of those>??
  4. hmm we tried to dispel him and we couldnt, why is that then?
  5. as i am seeing this person is not even trying to promote core box (isn't that the main reason for this event) hes just in this for the prize... i mean isnt this supposed to be fun?? but him doing that takes all the fun and the effort people who acctually had a hard time keeping their time will totaly feel pissed...
  6. Hmm i guess im ready 4 this event
  7. VenoM

    Pose Event

    can we use other custom sprite?? or only GRO sprites..
  8. i just guessing that you never tried this out... i remember you asking people how they spam DS fast... 3 LOD is fail... btw
  9. VenoM

    Pvp Event

    I Would like to join Character Name:VeNomStiKe Character Lvl: 250 Charater Class:Assasin Cross Edited: my snipe is not good enough
  10. I wanna join IGN: VeNomStiKe
  11. im not sure if this was suggested already but a trivia or guess the monster/headgear game... Trivia: 1st announce the question They look for the room w/ a pass and the pass is the answer.... same with monster/headgear but you just have to disguise or wear the headgear then make the room
  12. i just wanted to add dont hunt unripe apples at pay_fild04 cause you might kill one of the angry angeling's porings this happened to me so i cant make this headgear with that ACC. yup the whole acc
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