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  1. kill yourself to get out of hellbox 2. LOL
  2. can i request about changing the prism sprite? can you please change the rule that when you change the prism sprite you are not able to get back the old head gear that yo used instead you can get back the old headgear??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  3. i am freaking excited !!
  4. this is going to be fun
  5. tnx for this guide zie. now i have my own bvh
  6. K e L

    Triple "B" Event

    Name:DearFriendYourNotGod Wish:Lord Knight Card Reason why i want the item:because this is so hard to hunt so i'll just try my luck for this. and i badly need this for woe HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAST BOY!!!
  7. DearFriendYourNotGod/K e L/S a i n t K e L Im a weakling but soon be strong hahaha Btw im not gay
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