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  1. Hallo there, same problem with me. But I got a crashlog and maybe this will help :/ I own a Windows 7, newest Client installed, updated and updated the kRO too.
  2. I'm ttly against that "Pets become a lot slower hungry" -.- +1 for the both above me
  3. Wait. Aren't there 3 Headgears...? But why are there just TWO Quests? is this right or does no one found the third NPC yet? )8" Many questions because we already searched like hell for the third NPC ...
  4. ..holy shit I'm so stupid. I always read " NOBLE MASK" I thought they meant the broken one.. gahwd SRY........
  5. Checked it again, and again. Still doesn't work. I made screen of it => what Do I do wrong?:/ The broken mask was in my inventory, but it was gone atfer I talked to her.
  6. I have the same problem. and I HAVE all the right items :/
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