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  1. Hmm... Im Not Sure If Theres Already Someone Who Has Posted This But Me And My Guildmates And Friends From Other Guilds Always Gamble From Dice Or Paper Rock Scissors By Miths Or Items is It Possible If U Could Make An Npc That Would Announce Just Like The BattleGrounds As To Where It Would Be Easier To Get Some Challenger To Bet On With. And Im Not Sure If This Is Legal Or Illegal Here In gRO And Im Not Sure If U Guyz Are Up To This. It Sounds Boring But Youll Feel Better If Ur Stocking Up Some Miths Or Items From Ur Win. LoL
  2. Can We Move The GvG Schedule On The Following Day WOE Time.. Coz Saturday is Still Work Time.. Sunday Is The Only Freetime. If Possible Please Re-Sched Thanks
  3. Name: Leon / LeonSkywalker Wish:I Wish For A Tiraya Bonnet Reason Why I Want The Item: Coz My Wife Has Been Wanting This Item And I Dont Have Enough To Buy Something This Expensive. And Also These Would Be My Gift For Our Wedding Anniversary And Late Valentines. ^^m If It Was For Me I Would Wish For LK Card.. haha But My Wife Really Likes It And Shes Always Giving Me The Puppy Eyes Everytime She Sees Someone With Tiraya Bonnet. ^^, I Hope Santa Beast Will Give Me A Chance To Get One Of These For My WIfe. Happy Bday Beast!! Hope U Wont Leave Us In The Server! Wish U Nothing But Great Life And Good health. Thanks
  4. BOOO GORILLA SUCKS!! GO MOONGLADE!! haha..!!! Guerilla = Bunch Of Monkey Tree Climbing Crap Flingers Moonglade = A Full Breed Of Brad Pits.lol
  5. wan nayn tri sex lol jejemon... haha.. these guyz are f***ed up at counting.. OMG
  6. tae kaw din palpak.. dapat 1927 ka 1929
  7. tae bugoi.. di kamao mo ihap 1925 ka dapat tae One 9 Two 6
  8. wahahaha,, my post isnt increasing.. nice wan nayn chu fhor
  9. nayntin tuwenti wan tae sam and bugoi.. uve put on the wrong no. OMG!! BASE HERE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^
  10. wan tawsand naynhandred fiftin wrong my face.. its correct!! am i right?? or left?
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