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  1. dAremEnot

    Server Update

    all is awesome keep it up sir, just hoping that all other skills that have a problem will be fixed sooner.. all balanced job well done!!
  2. I;am Banned from the shout box? why? i did'nt do anything bad or forbidden
  3. i also have a problem about loosing some important items in my inventory,after the crash.. but no GM reply on my question, and complain.. they just reposed it xD.. and i ask the other guy about his report, he also have a problem about missing items, o well im still waiting for GM's answer in my report................
  4. GM Please Help i just notice today that my +7Valk Armor[TAO] is missing, b4 the crash im playing at the GM castle, then i disconnect. then after the crashed i log in my account then hunt some MVP but i didnt look on my inventory that time yet.. today i opened it and find out that its gone, also my +5Balmung[VR,Thana,TG] Please help its impossible that i droped it coz im using @security.. please help
  5. hello.. how about the pancakes?? in daily quest.. thank you \ hello.. how about the pancakes?? in daily quest.. thank you
  6. i already done downloading the full client, and i DL it via torrent, then i start installing the file, but its not working,after 10 sec installing the game its already done but not all files was completely installed.. did anyone knows why?? [NOTE] im using windows vista 32bit i played GRO here before, then i download the latest patch, and after installing the new patch i got lots of error. so i decide to download the game again and re-install... and now this things happened..
  7. hello.. how to get in nyd_dun01 the warp portal in spl_fild01 was close..it is full of spider web.. is there any other entrance.?
  8. Hello.. is there a really quest for this 'Baby Dragon Hat' ? why everytime I click this, I disconnect.? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/210/screengatheringro139.png/
  9. what the use of this evil mind.. ?
  10. sorry..im done with those hearty hearts.. ^^ what is is crown..???? what blue feather/ nvm..find them already ^^
  11. HELLo.. ahm where can i get this hearts..i dunno what is aquatic creatures heheheh..
  12. hello what is the coor for the ninth field of this mjolnir plss.
  13. can u do that kind of attack when facing real and moving opponent? just asking ^^
  14. dAremEnot

    New Content!

    i cant warp to nyd_dun01... is this the right warp..? from spl_fild01 jump to 365, 108?
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