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  1. tirfing>thara thara reduce demihuman not other elements while tirfing reduce 25% dmg from medium monster(players) bronzering is in pvp/killing section do note that every +atk count to kill faster unless ur a magician class archangeling is under tanker section...AA give 100%hpregen so ur hp will increase twice faster
  2. we already got race event and it does do the warping stuff but as for collect stuff its like u mixing 2 event in one and item will automatically disappear when leave it too long on the ground and some map do have mobs but novice vs mobs i think its hard and poring is not an ideal mobs for this kind of event imo
  3. i personally think that most of the latest event that being held by gm is too fast like sudden quiz and hide and seek so for once this give opportunity for the player to play the event at long period as for the runner some runners are strategical player which avoid when theres chance but some are pure brute so its kinda pity for the brute player to run
  4. its an event quest it come and go just like that and its been like that for few years and no one complain bout it so i dont think u shud too and as for effect like brazz hat? idontgetit
  5. im not really sure if i should make one since its april fool day
  6. if their heal and buff can penetrate gtb then it will count as OP as for grb its said "allow offensive spells to hit" so i dont think AB's buff is counted as hit
  7. if u talking bout the 1st video thats the gm's stats dont try to copy the gm stats cause u can never be able to do so if u talking bout the 2nd video which is the rg thats +20 from bvh+stats bonus not +120 ur eye playing tricks on u saying its +120
  8. u need to do other quest after "onward to the new world" quest
  9. beast i have read the first quote saying that all participant will receive box cause of participation the pic i quote is pic of my brother's but he rarely on but i do on for him once in a while but he didnt receive any box is it because of he didnt colour the pic is the reason of he didnt receive any box?
  10. Fatal Skull Retrieving Event Requirement-2nd job char with base level 99 with any class of preference(cause they will drop skull when they died,correct me if im wrong bout the lvl) -small pvp map chosen by gm to play the event How its done: -players will be divide equally into 2 teams, 1 team is chaser and another is runner. -it will be 1vs1 between both team (can be done in team vs team to make the game more interesting) -when the game start the chaser will chase the runner and kill him, when the runner died his skull will be droped and the chaser will take the skull of the runner and give it to the gm to verify the chaser as the winner of that round. -as for the runner, they have to run from the chaser within the time limit to win, they are also allowed to kill the chaser and give the skull of the chaser to win
  11. suras can be classify as OP if they can use body reloc in bg imagine when deathmatch all u need to do is CC and the whole team gonna die cant do anything
  12. that is what i call @mount abuse they use the warg flute to get warg then use @mount to get the falcon
  13. @ikie judex is suppose lower than andramus by nature but we can obviously see that judex>andramus soo beast changed it is the correct thing to do @topic love the changes but i still want feed back on warlock white imprison skills some change need to be done for that skill just my opinion tho and may i ask where can i find this new mvp? i was curious cause i cant find it in ratemyserver
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