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    Vote4Points Update

    gamestop 100 does not work at all.
  2. I need to have my 18% max hp heal XD sorta similar with what genetics have but the difference is with mechanics we need to cast it and it's interrupt-able :<
  3. and btw when are we going to get repair kit A B and C? Recovery 6% of Max HP 9% of Max HP 12% of Max HP 15% of Max HP 18% of Max HP SP Cost 25 30 35 40 45 and when are we going to implement these recovery rates for mechanics repair skill? (saw this on the gatheringro wiki page) :3
  4. Internet speed? It was faster than boost knuckle even I'm DL'ing something and there were no changes in my ISP's connectivity .___. so you can cross out the connectivity theory
  5. If there were no changes how come Vulcan Arm's fire rate is as same as boost knuckle .___. @zie eerm nope aspd is still at 193 and I haven't done any changes with my stats nor gears XD
  6. because it's a bit slower. It should be faster than boost knuckle but now it fires at the same rate as boost knuckle
  7. To be specific, I am inquiring about Vulcan Arm. Before I can actually match Cart Cannon's speed with Vulcan Arm, but now it seems that Vulcan Arm's rate is only as fast as Boost Knuckle. It can be almost as fast as Double Strafe before, were there any changes? oh and check the description of Self Destruct in iRO wiki http://irowiki.org/wiki/Suicidal_Destruction it says that "Damage ignores reductions of demi-human, elemental, Size and Def."
  8. no one's complaining these are just suggestions :3
  9. how about dark illusion? I checked on all of the available cards that can be compounded on headgears and so far no useful cards can be used if we disable maya purple @[email protected] Prism 3 won't be completely pointless since you'll have 3 extra slots to use @[email protected]
  10. so far what are the cards that can't be put in lower gear card slots
  11. The mechanic's Pile bunker skill still does not work with a slotted/carded Pile Bunker
  12. gau

    Moscovia Art Event

    while we are waiting for the announcement, imma show the WIP of my supposedly Gopinich entry that didn't made the cut due to unforeseen circumstances. I was supposed to finish this entry the night before the deadline but something came up -____- I was really hyped on doing this piece last feb
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