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  1. INT IS IMPORTANT Even if you're support or not. Period. Support doesnt mean you'll never use Earth grave, Vacuum and all that skills. LAWL~ Support or not, Soc doesnt need agi. What the hell. and most of the Support SOC is PD type so better Max The luck out cause 10 Luk = 1PD And having 99 int sucks. Better put Int luk dex and some vit. in that case, you'll deal a decent damage + Perfect Dodge with enough HP and a good casting. https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=36483, This Guide is good. But this guide only confuses the newbies. They dont need 200 VIT because of devotion. if you're a Support Soc definitely you'll have devo. with your 200 VIT, Genetics owns you easily specially in WOE, if you use Devi or GR for anti AD then you'll receive high damage from Other class like RG using Elemental Converters. you should be careful with your Build and Equips. remember, if you receive High damage with devo, RG receives same damage. so Support Soc better focus on anti Equips, like Fire Armor[1] with Marc card or any other Freeze Resistance, its also important to use Unfro or Spritual Tunic. because if you're frozen, you cant do anything you can't support or what. so thats all LOOOL. Support soc is always busy, if not supporting then Spam skills on the portal. you cant just sit there and wait for zerkers to zerk. support doesnt mean supporting zerkers ONLY. you can do many things like dispelling the opponent, stone curse, Arullo for Sleep, Soul burn, Spider Web, Dispell your poisoned mates. LP and many more. do you really know how to play Support Sorcerer? DAMN >.> This guide is a mess. newbies that will read this will also think that if they're support sorcerer they'll just seat and wait some zerkers. thats not only the part of Sorcerer(Support) in WOE or even in PVP Support SOC is NEVER all about Dispelling WTF
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