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  1. thank you for answering sir oh well good luck and more power
  2. ok sir, Goodluck... i got a question, you said you gonna re-install the whole server, is it gonna affect our characters/items ingame?
  3. thank you for the News
  4. which is better to use inside the pvp room Thara, tirfing or Horn card?
  5. Beast where can we find werewolf? it doesn't say on "@whereis"
  6. Btw i got a question, does Banding really slows down other players inside the pvp room/ woe? coz it doesn't say on the script that it will slow down other players...
  7. 1 of the complainers has the very 1st ROP on the Server... and yeah ROP looks like those nasty wings on the other servers....
  8. thea like what i have said, there a shit load of good cards to put on your lower headgear, try experimenting... and yes it was the original plan long time ago, that's why newbies like you dont know about it And please stop complaining just appreciate...
  9. there are some other good cards to put on the lower headgear, for example : clock tower manager card, nightmare card.. etc, and that was the real plan before, no mvp/mini mvp card to be put on the lower headgear... and besides giving lower headgear a slot + some stats is good enough so pls stop complaining about the decision beastboy made...
  10. yeah its already full, they are almost the same person who owns a house in prontera and payon, it should be 1 house per account, except for the premium account users ^^
  11. ewwwwwww stryke! 100k cannon spear W/o inspiration,
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