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  1. Hey there everyone...
    Today I call out to you with an emergency request:

    COVID-19 pretty much fucked up everything related to interviews for my Master Thesis... so I had to change a lot of things and programmed an online questionnaire.

    Please, help me fill this questionnaire ( https://survey.unibw.de/fessvalidE/ ) which would take you about 30 minutes to answer if you are able to speak English and not living in Germany.

    I need a pretty great deal of people filling this to get my Thesis done and best of it? I have only until end of this month for this task... So even spreading the word would help me quite a lot!!

  2. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    Yeah, I guessed as much to be perfectly frank here^^ ...and I am really really happy about you still using the signatures I made for you waaaay back then ////^//// I am honored by this and as soon as I finish my university studies I might be able to do some signatures again~ ...just a couple of months to go!
  3. //leaves some cuddles here
    //chase-walkes out

    1. Rayleigh


      May I take this gesture (of pure hatred) to mean that you remember me? From our (intellectually rich) conversations in Mirri's German off topic :D?  How's life? 

      . . . . . .

      (intellectually rich: Nazue - Mirri - Rayleigh? No, I don't think so)

  4. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    Phew... Kind of returned to the Forums again~ Soooo-- Guess what? I am still doing arts! Believe it or not, I still draw Ragnarok Online related stuff. This game wouldn't possibly let me go and I spent lots of years exploring the world of Rune Midgard~ So here we are. Meet my Baby Warlock Nazue in alternated Style:
  5. //peeks in
    //leaves warm hugs here
    //vanishes ninja-like

    1. Rayvier
    2. Nazue


      How are you doing?!
      It is soo long ago since we last talked!
      maybe contact me via Facebook to get in touch again? >Nazue Chan

  6. Satan~!!
    Are you by any chance back?
    How have you been?

    1. S4T4N


      Omg !!

      It's been so long !

      I have been fine, there has been a lot of changes in life.

      And you ? How have you been ?

      I haven't played RO in a really long time, i haven't considered returning, but i have been thinking about RO a lot recently...


      (Sorry for the very late reply, i do not check forums often...)

    2. Nazue


      I totally get you!
      I have a pretty whole lot on my plate too...

      Wanna stay in contact via facebook?
      Find me there as Nazue Chan ;)


    3. S4T4N


      I don't use facebook anymore sadly. Family issues :/

      You've got Discord ?

  7. Nazue

    You are active here again?!
    OMG...it is ages ago we last talked... I don't believe it... how are you doing?
    Try finding me on Facebook >Nazue Chan to get into touch again /heh

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sirk


      Take your time :) IRL is more important than ingame.

      Good luck on your thesis :D

      If you don't mind me asking, what is it about? hehe


    3. Nazue


      I am currently at creating a questionnaire about event related shame and guilt in English Language ;)

    4. Sirk


      :O wow

      Well I'd like to help but I'm pretty sure you have it under control :) so I'll offer RO help when you come on instead :) 

      Good Luck! /no1

  8. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    looooong time ago I sprited some characters of SOUL☺EATER... and failed a lot at this ^^" I tried again to sprite.. this time it's BLEACH's turn ;3 Hitsugaya Toshiro (10th Squad Captain) with his new look ~(^-^~)
  9. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    *bring back some live* it's my OC Nazume Azemi ... more informations at: http://nazue.deviantart.com/art/OC-Nazue-Azemi-401274532
  10. my internet connection is kiling me.. this really sucks.. *sigh*

  11. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    just tried to experiment with the background and shadow-ing^^
  12. aaaawwww... how cute! wanna borrow him~ his name sounds nice! nice job on that^^
  13. now that you menion it... *ahahaha* you are right!
  14. Nazue

    Meet My Pets :)

    uhm... what exactly do you feed your rats? i'm just familiar with rabbits .. >.<
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