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  1. Hey there everyone...
    Today I call out to you with an emergency request:

    COVID-19 pretty much fucked up everything related to interviews for my Master Thesis... so I had to change a lot of things and programmed an online questionnaire.

    Please, help me fill this questionnaire ( https://survey.unibw.de/fessvalidE/ ) which would take you about 30 minutes to answer if you are able to speak English and not living in Germany.

    I need a pretty great deal of people filling this to get my Thesis done and best of it? I have only until end of this month for this task... So even spreading the word would help me quite a lot!!

  2. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    Yeah, I guessed as much to be perfectly frank here^^ ...and I am really really happy about you still using the signatures I made for you waaaay back then ////^//// I am honored by this and as soon as I finish my university studies I might be able to do some signatures again~ ...just a couple of months to go!
  3. //leaves some cuddles here
    //chase-walkes out

    1. Rayleigh


      May I take this gesture (of pure hatred) to mean that you remember me? From our (intellectually rich) conversations in Mirri's German off topic :D?  How's life? 

      . . . . . .

      (intellectually rich: Nazue - Mirri - Rayleigh? No, I don't think so)

  4. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    Phew... Kind of returned to the Forums again~ Soooo-- Guess what? I am still doing arts! Believe it or not, I still draw Ragnarok Online related stuff. This game wouldn't possibly let me go and I spent lots of years exploring the world of Rune Midgard~ So here we are. Meet my Baby Warlock Nazue in alternated Style:
  5. //peeks in
    //leaves warm hugs here
    //vanishes ninja-like

    1. Rayvier


      OMG ZUE! HI!

    2. Nazue


      How are you doing?!
      It is soo long ago since we last talked!
      maybe contact me via Facebook to get in touch again? >Nazue Chan

  6. Satan~!!
    Are you by any chance back?
    How have you been?

    1. S4T4N


      Omg !!

      It's been so long !

      I have been fine, there has been a lot of changes in life.

      And you ? How have you been ?

      I haven't played RO in a really long time, i haven't considered returning, but i have been thinking about RO a lot recently...


      (Sorry for the very late reply, i do not check forums often...)

    2. Nazue


      I totally get you!
      I have a pretty whole lot on my plate too...

      Wanna stay in contact via facebook?
      Find me there as Nazue Chan ;)


    3. S4T4N


      I don't use facebook anymore sadly. Family issues :/

      You've got Discord ?

  7. Nazue

    You are active here again?!
    OMG...it is ages ago we last talked... I don't believe it... how are you doing?
    Try finding me on Facebook >Nazue Chan to get into touch again /heh

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sirk


      Take your time :) IRL is more important than ingame.

      Good luck on your thesis :D

      If you don't mind me asking, what is it about? hehe


    3. Nazue


      I am currently at creating a questionnaire about event related shame and guilt in English Language ;)

    4. Sirk


      :O wow

      Well I'd like to help but I'm pretty sure you have it under control :) so I'll offer RO help when you come on instead :) 

      Good Luck! /no1

  8. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    looooong time ago I sprited some characters of SOUL☺EATER... and failed a lot at this ^^" I tried again to sprite.. this time it's BLEACH's turn ;3 Hitsugaya Toshiro (10th Squad Captain) with his new look ~(^-^~)
  9. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    *bring back some live* it's my OC Nazume Azemi ... more informations at: http://nazue.deviantart.com/art/OC-Nazue-Azemi-401274532
  10. my internet connection is kiling me.. this really sucks.. *sigh*

  11. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    just tried to experiment with the background and shadow-ing^^
  12. aaaawwww... how cute! wanna borrow him~ his name sounds nice! nice job on that^^
  13. now that you menion it... *ahahaha* you are right!
  14. Nazue

    Meet My Pets :)

    uhm... what exactly do you feed your rats? i'm just familiar with rabbits .. >.<
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