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  1. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    Yeah, I guessed as much to be perfectly frank here^^ ...and I am really really happy about you still using the signatures I made for you waaaay back then ////^//// I am honored by this and as soon as I finish my university studies I might be able to do some signatures again~ ...just a couple of months to go!
  2. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    Phew... Kind of returned to the Forums again~ Soooo-- Guess what? I am still doing arts! Believe it or not, I still draw Ragnarok Online related stuff. This game wouldn't possibly let me go and I spent lots of years exploring the world of Rune Midgard~ So here we are. Meet my Baby Warlock Nazue in alternated Style:
  3. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    looooong time ago I sprited some characters of SOUL☺EATER... and failed a lot at this ^^" I tried again to sprite.. this time it's BLEACH's turn ;3 Hitsugaya Toshiro (10th Squad Captain) with his new look ~(^-^~)
  4. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    *bring back some live* it's my OC Nazume Azemi ... more informations at: http://nazue.deviantart.com/art/OC-Nazue-Azemi-401274532
  5. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    just tried to experiment with the background and shadow-ing^^
  6. aaaawwww... how cute! wanna borrow him~ his name sounds nice! nice job on that^^
  7. now that you menion it... *ahahaha* you are right!
  8. Nazue

    Meet My Pets :)

    uhm... what exactly do you feed your rats? i'm just familiar with rabbits .. >.<
  9. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    yaay... i like this combination! i will try~ ________________________________________ i made a present for mirri^^ right now i don't have photoshop so it is just the sprite >.< i hope you like it^^ mirri as mermaid ~(^-^~)
  10. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    ahahahah feel free to use it~ to be honest - i'm honored ;D i'm about to design a siggy too^^ but can't decide on a color >.<
  11. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    renee, just ask me about a combination^^ i'd love to try something^^ haha, mirri~ draw her please <3 i'm sure it will look great! ___________________________________________________________________ just finished another combination ;D
  12. Nazue

    Zue's Art

    just finished this one~ dark magican
  13. thanks for taking the quiz~ btw... what do u mean by ravenclaw-ish?^^
  14. maybe^^ i just thought that it would be fun~
  15. What else to say as... link: Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz. have fun~ my color is: White You value law, order, community and light. You love to protect the social order and the rule of law. At your best, you are just and protective. At your worst, you are authoritarian and dogmatic. Your symbol is a sunburst. Your enemies are black and red.
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