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  1. Hope so . . thanks for info
  2. I've patch and sometimes i got sprite error at althea . my bad i didnt copy those error -.-' And may i know when this event will be end ?
  3. Go at Vending Machine and buy any Cans there and then drink it until you got Coupon . Change that coupon to headgear . Sometimes it took me 500pcs of cans to get 1 coupon . depend .
  4. upload your picture at somethere and then post it here lol . dont use rms picture directly .
  5. Come at the next day with the same time that you should come to pick it .
  6. No prob and Congratulations Answer : Is it usable to open Geffenia portal at Geffen which its useless to our server because we can just type @warp xD
  7. I'll kill / kos those ppl which didnt accept your apology . Sincerely, Naraka .
  8. Check on your Thread = HERE
  9. Godly Gear / Item arent tradeable .
  10. As always . Mirri's Guide Is Awesome *^*
  11. Auto Shadow Spell are bugged atm and he try to fixing it . but as he said , he not sure when it will be fixed .
  12. OMG ! that warewolf really give good item >_<' Thanks beast
  13. so beast , does thats mean that werewolf will be stayed at there like the other mvp's ? and whats the respawn time of it ? do we got any info of thats mvp ? since the information about this mvp i got from this arent enough . or its arent update ye ? Werewolf No skills , just 1 item drop .
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