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    BG set Bug

    Ah im sorry, you right, that's my bad for miss read the stats during WoE & PvP. it's working as intended Thanks Rayleigh
  2. Valkrie

    BG set Bug

    I have asked everade the difference about After skill delay and After cast delay and everade say it should be same but different description And then i test it with this video In the video i try using Sprint set with Affected set Reduce variable skill 3% After skill 15% but with the effect of sprint set increase after skill 5% so the calculated become 10% On my set should be Reduce after skill 83% And the second equip one with BG set with effect set After cast delay -25% https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/2381/elite-archer-suit-1 Combined with all my set should be Reduce After skill 103% But as you can see the Sprint set one more faster then the BG set one If it something wrong with the script would you please look up it Tester 1.mp4
  3. So, i just need to re catch it again ? or what ?
  4. help i was trying to hatch this pet but the egg become broken ?? i was using command @hatch could you fix this too ?
  5. This one mam i was trying to use it on lighthalzen dungeon but nothing happen
  6. Please fix Green ale it does not recover at all
  7. Nice.. No Cheaters again now..
  8. I always blame you When I see the dew on the leaves dry I always blame you When I see the candle light began to fade And ..... I always blame you When I see gulls began to fall and exhausted through the air But ....... Now I realize You're trying to form dew replacement pobud always trying to keep the candle light And always trying to displace gulls to wade through the sky My biggest mistake Are wasting your Once I realized And waking up from a long sleep I realize you no longer exist Your dimensions and im have different dimensions You and I Different space and time Your physical body is gone With you moments ago I hate to waste it And after you're gone I spend the rest of my life to love you And tormented by a sense of sorrow
  9. That problem same as me =.=" Id unregistered but when i try another id its can
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