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  1. Aii

    August Updates

    Just imo tho, reduced 70% damage, maybe it works for class that deal huge damage as Gx or RK which can deal millions of damage, how about classes that already has low damage? If their damage reduced like 70%, isnt the class will be dead.
  2. Description of Issue: With Job Level 70 there should be 69 Skill Points to use on 3rd Job, unfortunately, I can't put any skill points on 3rd job skills when I got 69 skills point, I tried to reduce skill points 1 by 1 then trying to input them to 3rd job skills, but it's only works after my skill points reaching 61 points. That means I lost 8 3rd job skill points for 2nd job skills. (Additional Info: Maybe it happens because I use change gender? but still when I convert back to original gender, the issue still persist) Expected Result: With job level 70, there should be 69 skill points to use on 3rd job skills. Official Information & Screenshots: Bug Wanderer.rrf
  3. Aii

    RWC Statue (Winner) doesnt works

    No info about this?
  4. Description of Issue: The Item Description said it will reduce fixed cast delay all skills by 0.5s, but when I tried, it doesnt reduce at all. Expected Result: Tried on AD which has Fixed cast 1s, with the headgear put on the fixed cast shud be 0.5s, but the result when I use the headgear is still 1s. Official Information & Screenshots:
  5. Isnt everade doing "normalization" to make the server just like the official one? if there are customization skills, then what's the points of having "normalization" when it's means just starting another customization?
  6. Also, u cant just sacrifice everything now...
  7. Just a quick question? Is it official that we can use recovery items on instances? If it's not, can we make it enable to use recovery items on instances, since we have very low HP and SP pool now. Thanks in Advances.
  8. Player created instances now persist relogs, so you can join back into the action. Is that means we can enter after relog right? But I tried today, I cant re enter the instances after relogin.
  9. 1. After update battleground set cant be used by rebellion. 2. Glorius weapon cant be put on storage
  10. I'll just leave my vote to make grb card effect stay as it is... It's neither overpower nor underrated...
  11. So no chance to get it removed?since it has been years, and already reflected on my past mistakes. Well, I'd really like to make up for it and getting back on the road...
  12. It's been a while since I'm logged in, in fact there are so many new things. The problem is I dont have any idea bout the price of things or anything worth as of now. As exampleI want to buy bio 5 mvp card, no idea how much it is, and ppl only ask for offer, when I dont even know anything worth as of now.... Anyone can give me enlightment about market price or what item is demanding...
  13. Cant hit emper or using skill in room..
  14. and why did Star gladiator got nerfed? none care about this class before, when I found the way to play it, it got nerfed...:)
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