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  1. Ahhh yes my bad. You could try to hunt for stone sage at lhz_dun02 or try buying one form the merchant from the coords Dany posted. Side Note: Make the food he wants for cheaper price else it'll be super expensive
  2. You dont have the requirement item to trade the lif doll hat. I think it was leaf cat card.
  3. Paradox

    Healing Items

    can we have the list of the restriction items?
  4. Royal Guard Exceed Break lowers the movement speed as intended but it didn't amplify damage boost on next attack Mechanic Selfdestruct damage is too high
  5. Vrand Card effect didn't work on reflected damage even if it shows the indication that the debuffs has trigger on the person attacking. It works before the server change btw Tested and it works. Sorc Soul Change didnt work
  6. Hellspawn armor resistance doesnt work
  7. even so, if i get it there a.k.a in Beastboy Box means i CAN wear them which in my case i can't so what now?
  8. Pile Bunker slotted cant be worn. It keeps saying its forbidden to wear or something like that Pile Bunker slotting quest is bugged? or is it un-implimented still
  9. RG Reflect Damage will expired when it recieve a certain amount of damage. It didnt act that way before the server change and is it just me or all the buffs expired a little too early then what it used to be before
  10. After today's woe i found out that 1. Stormblast from RK : damage too high and spammable 2. Dragon Combo damage is too high 3. Woe pots is spammable 4. RG prestige is like toy story game 5. RG defender didnt work at all 6. RG banding didnt work 7. Genetic heal is low Hopping Filir doesnt work as intended 8. Coluceo Heal is low 9. Jack Frost is spamable with high damage output and also the chances of freezing someone is extreamly high despite having resistance items and gears 10. Cursed Circle needs a longer cooldown and the duration of getting stun is too long 11. Desperado damage is too high when equipped with the right card which is ridiculous 12. Genetic Cart Cannon damage too low 13. Genetic Blood Sucker is missing its attack sprite but it works but the damage is very low 14. Genetic Mushroom Explosion damage is low sometimes didnt even hit 15. Genetic Crazy Weed have super long cast time with super low damage and remove trap randomly and there's a chance to miss it too 16. Genetic Hell's Plant will dissapear after dealing one hit to someone 17. Genetic Cart Tornado damage is too low 18. Genetic Demonic Fire Damage is too low and burn chances are drop? 20. Genetic Fire Expansion level 1-4 doesnt work 21. Beelzebub Card doesnt work Will update if i found more
  11. dont try to click it. its missing its sprite. best you can do is wait till its fixed. mean time dont i mean DONT click it
  12. Innocent monkeys were killed in the making of these guide. Other than that is a good guide overall ;D
  13. its not any particular char since its in my storage. I cant pick it up nor drag it to my inventory. so its pretty much stuck in there
  14. I've check my inventory today and i found there's 2 missing sprites in it. One is yellow bunny band which i cant click to drag, its just the for the purpose of showing its there? o_O and the other is splendide coins. Im not sure if its blocked or what not, but when i drag it. it'll crash my game and give me an error saying i need to update kro or something like that.
  15. The NPC shop at Althea doesnt recognize Oboro and Kagerou job class. Hope it'll be fix soon. Also if it does gets fixed. Will the items requirements for Oboro and Kagerou will be available as well?
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