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  1. Step 1. Leveling Leveling guide Step 2. Get your freebies! Adventure's set Step 3. Viable Woe Weapons Step 4. Refine your weapons Step 5. Basic cards to start Maya Purple Card : A very useful card for not letting your guard down by seeing through "hidden" enemies. Gemini-S58 Card : This is an option to go if you plan to go low "vitality" build. Marc Card : Safe option for your own performance. getting frozen wil also make you weak against "wind" elemental. Evil Druid Card : Anti
  2. By logging in on the gro website - My account - You wil get to see your vip status info's
  3. There's atleast 4 ways to obtain it 1. Vote shop 2. world boss drops 3. woe castlers loots (as a guildleader) 4. apply for the selection - raffle- . Only 10 people can get in (so 10% winning chance)
  4. hi @Derpotato, Fastest way wil be GM Castler (requiment : Castler invitation) After you got inside, at the end (left portal) is where you can find this mob : #mob id 1520. The droprate of rice doll is 100%. However, you wil be kicked out of the castler after killing 1.
  5. Khaii


    Hi derpotato, *You wil "only" receive the effects of the prism only. (the type you wants) *The effects of the headgear you pick for the looks wil be ignored. *Prism wil only take "upper" slot. (However, You're free to pick something like - Munak Hat - Which is suppose to take Upper/Mid/Lower slots.) Note, Headgears that doesn't take upper slot won't work. -> it wil be seen as Upper only as a prism at the end. This is mainly for Unique looks while super useful :p.
  6. Hmm, i have a suggestion to make here : We can always make it spammable like before stil by wearing this axe : Axe Tornado (2handed axe) - ps, description stil need to be fixed - Which means, all other axes wil stil have 1sec cooldown . 1. By wearing 2handed axe, your survival ability wil become much lower fighting instance Bosses without a gtb shield. 2. High risk, High reward. 3. Wil make this weapon and thoses supplement set viable and appealing. 4. This set actually force you to wear the dex supplement equipment too for the missing
  7. It won't let you buy it by placing it on FAV. So you gotta place it back there.
  8. Khaii

    Emperium Sets

    All should be working for the total bonuses. That's right. Wing is the only exception.
  9. yup Gtb shouldn't block it at all. But ye, it seems people are having hard times countering it. Which ended up that way.
  10. Battlelords boots Seems a little typo on the script, it wil be fixed. So it won't be a waste
  11. Nope, it wil just reduces the chances (not by much) unless the caster has super low dex. How to anti masquerades (by chances only): - High agi - High luk - Alots of extra weight capacity. Examples : 2500/10 000 weights = ( 10k - 2,5k = 7,5k advances.) So technically, you can only try to makes - almost immunity- build against that with alots of costs. And as we all know already~ golden thief bug block it by 100%. (Incase someone new doesn't know yet)
  12. Just a guess... Are you wearing tao gunka card by any chance? if so, anything you wear after, wil be automatic halved.
  13. Crit is made for bypass flee users only. Perfect dodges is made for anti normal hits. --> Which means , it doesn't block skills ( So you might wants to use skills against those type of players.) This is definitelly something that we won't make an exception to ruin people way of playstyle.
  14. Attack speed potions are fine. Others nope . Also removed King Poring Card restriction.
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