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  1. Sorry bout this....had to bring this up.....theres a 40min delay display in time for World Bosses for me...noticed it multiple times...world boss summoned while my clock in website there still 42min left for it to summon...Anyone here experiencing it like mine? Thanks
  2. Well I was roaming around checking out BM Routinely used this command to locate desired item to purchase and it said "not in stores" but i saw someone with pub title "VF 35m" So I checked and i thought maybe its sold out and then poof....the screenie speaks for itself regarding this topic...hope to get a reply from this thanks GM
  3. Hahaha.....maybe the dragon is keeping gold inside it...thats why its King Gold instead of the dragon pet Its like from chinese folktales of dragons keeping gold for emselves
  4. Update us Ray when is the next schedule...ill try to resched my duty then cuz of this
  5. Currently im online now cuz its after woe just as you said ray xD
  6. I think the answer would be "the mentioned above variables are incomplete" thus its impossible to answer at this point... at least thats what i think
  7. My answer will be 3607 total of the 3 prev artist...cuz there's the word "strong" meaning they're still alive bro...it wasnt put there in the statement for nothing...besides eventhough the timeline have a gap....maybe theyre on their 60's still alive and kickin....the old strong fans of buddy holly xD hahahaha....but my answer will be like yours @Asakuraviper but ill include the remaining two artist...cuz michael jackson owns all fans also xD
  8. Agreed on that part...best solution there @D e M o N for the time being....but i hope itll return to its proper working command....so that itll consume just 1 slot in my hotkey alt+1 or etc...you know what i mean
  9. As the title says....using @warp "town name" "coords(e.g 120 120) is disabled to most main towns....but typing @go "town name" is okay... well we usually use warp town then coords to go to certain npcs...this kinda need fixin...if its okay, back to the way it was Appreciate It
  10. Yehey thanks....does that mean i get an additional riddle for extra prize after everything is over? Do I need to sit the next riddle out cuz i got this 1?
  11. Riddle 3 Answer is 6 in the Blank Box In my understanding if Im correct...1st vertical box if added with + 1 will give answer to the 2nd vertical line For the 3rd vertical line....if its multiplied by 2 it will give answer to the 4th vertical line....every 4th vertical numbers corresponds with em if multiplied with 2 Thus 4x2=8, 0x2=0, 2x2=4, 3x2= "^6" thus 6 is the answer
  12. Answer is 2...After deciphering it....1st horizontal line 2 1 4 7....understanding is that multiply 2 and 7 = 1 4 which is the middle box in which youve noticed that doesnt have any middle line dividing it so the variable would be "x" or multiply it 2nd horizontal line goes 5x9= 4 5 3rd horizontal line goes 3x6= 1 8 thus 4th horizontal line goes 8x4= 3 "2" ANSWER IS 2 XD
  13. Nice guide there bro!!! Ive just posted another guide as well, will see you as soon as I get back from travelling xD P.S. Dont forget to give me an extra Thanatos Card when i get back so that I can use em for damage type Sura/Genetics when i play back again during Xmas wahahahaha
  14. Hi guys @Khaii @raphaelluigi @Hersheys @sadam , thank you for the comment and support bros It's been a long time since i was online and Im currently at the airport travelling somewhere xD Had a hard time managing my work lately thats why I haven't been online that much Hope to work with you guys again when i get back from work There's 3 more remaining guides ive wanted to add up in the event but I guess I can't reach in time Hope my guide will help a lot of players and open a lot of possibilities in basis of their respective equips
  15. Requirements: Will of Warrior Ghost Chill Blood Thirst First you'll need to find the "Weird Old Man" NPC by typing @warp lighthalzen 340 290 Talk with him and he'll continue on talking until he will let you see his stash of weapons and armors with their corresponding amount of requirements aforementioned above this guide. The Following Items below are the equipments obtained from this Old Man ARMORS Giant Shield[1] 100 Will of Warrior, 50 Blood Thirst, 35 Ghost Chill Reduces damage from big monsters by 5%. If
  16. Okay Thanks GM....Skill Based better than NPCs and ofc, must have better luck iRL xD
  17. If it's okay to add on this topic....Which is more better or have a high success in refining weapons, the Enriched Oridecon or just your average max leveled Mechanic to upgrade your weapon? Thankies GM xD
  18. OMG.....sorry ive been busy lately and havent tried this myself....but I did it and really observed the DURATION....all poisons duration really was damn nerfed....it isnt fair for the GX class being nerfed so much like before also...CrossImpact's Damage is decreased that much also...thats why most GX nowadays but not ALL are just breakers and not much of a def type displayed especially on woe rankings after woe due to the class being nerfed so much done about 2-3years ago in BeastBoys time..Please reconsider the CrossImpact damage and Poison duration again...thanks a lot GM team +1 @D e M
  19. @Koxy @Khaii @Hersheys @Asakuraviper @S4T4N @raphaelluigi Thanks a lot you guys!!!
  20. Nice 1 Bro "Always said to myself that only the richest players and the most persevere player can make this item in less than a month after Legendary Update Part 1" Anyways Congratz
  21. Rainbow Sash[1] A Symbol of Future and Hope after the Great Flood Represents our server GRO for being online for a long time since 2006 Essential Requirements: 1. Nebula Aura[1] Mid Lower - "Guide Below" x100 2. 100 kaluniums/carniums - dropped by Fallen Bishop(MVP) or trade it with NPC Austri @warp prt_in 85 69 (3Elunium+50k zenny= 1Carnium)
  22. for the GMs: Can I ask, what if you forgot your Display Name in forums? all you can remember is the username only(Old way in logging in @ Forums before)...Cuz now we should type our Display Name rather than the username as before...password still the same requirement so no problem with that.... thanks GM
  23. Super Tired again after part 6 XD

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