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  1. Happy New Year Everyone ^_^v

  2. I spent an hour or two on the moon to find all of them. I went around the map in a swirl pattern leading to the portal. I did this a dozen of times until I found the last particle. It's not easy so keep trying. Good luck
  3. Make sure to get 5 of each particle. Go to the portal again and just wander around space until you find the exit. It's pretty tedious.
  4. Type @commands, that should display most of the available commands a player can use.
  5. For weapons: MVP--2 abbysmal card+ 2 TG PVP--2TG+1 Vrand+1 Hydra/SK *You can use thana or incantation samurai if you want to deal elemental damage using enchanters which is useful against ghost property. For armors just get a variant shoes. Garment and Upper armor should be situational; Detale, Angeling etc.
  6. In my case it's 8-12-16 hrs and sometimes it's just 3hrs. Troll.
  7. This happens sometimes to that link. Not sure why It's from the vote site though so I doubt the fault is from gRO's vote panel.
  8. Just like a match you strike to incinerate~

  9. ken

    Cant Play Gro

    Thanks for that info.
  10. Shards of Light. Fragments of Darkness.

    1. leaphar


      Hahaha I had a feeling that you just got a Nightmare for DLH, am i right? XD

    2. Glockenspiel Commixture

      Glockenspiel Commixture

      I could buy that Nightmare off of you for an LK. You may have to add something though.

    3. ken


      The opposite... -_- I feel like a zombie now.

  11. ken

    Cant Play Gro

    Have you checked if you can open the client using a different system compatibility? Did you try using a different GFX driver in the gRO settings?
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