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Status Updates posted by ken

  1. Happy New Year Everyone ^_^v

  2. Just like a match you strike to incinerate~

  3. Shards of Light. Fragments of Darkness.

    1. leaphar


      Hahaha I had a feeling that you just got a Nightmare for DLH, am i right? XD

    2. Glockenspiel Commixture

      Glockenspiel Commixture

      I could buy that Nightmare off of you for an LK. You may have to add something though.

    3. ken


      The opposite... -_- I feel like a zombie now.

  4. Taking in a lot of heat. Need a hammer.

  5. Taking a candy from a baby...not that easy.

  6. wants to axe kick something >

  7. Pizza x Dayoff :)

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    2. ken


      you should...Gon's a badass. same goes for Kil *_*

    3. Ren


      same goes for kurapika and leorio tho.

    4. ken


      can't argue with that.

  8. To see light. To see hope... However faint it might be.

  9. In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance, my head is bloody but unbowed...

  10. Too busy and a bit lazy. Don't you dare miss me nubs D:

  11. "With all due respect" really is synonymous with "You can kiss my ass" -_-'

  12. Status' Status: Burned and Buried.

  13. Yeah, coz hide n seek really scares the hell out of ppl.

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    2. Punch


      first time I talk to you, you talk about my penis? dude...

    3. Mirri


      I only just saw this. LOL. He'll probably deny it, but Zaki is actually very interested in your penis.

    4. ken


      I was drinking water while reading your comment Mirri. You owe me a keyboard. D:

  14. Living in the database~

  15. Finally got a Blinker and a Jack be Dandy ;_;

  16. just rented a house in payon \o/ now i'm broke...

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    2. ken


      Is it wrong if I wish that they add a choice to hold a succubus?XP

    3. Mirri


      I think Incubus would be the perfect choice for you.

    4. ken
  17. Would be nice if there's a custom pet accessory npc...

  18. Yeah, it's more like a speed hack that depends on your net speed. It's effortlessly done.

  19. you mean 3PP? it's an acronym for third-party program.

  20. S(he) Be(lie)ve(d)

  21. ken

    well, it's probably because i was near at the screen and the audio...

    i dont mind it anyway. the movie was great :D

  22. that's good to hear :D right now, ill just take it slow in gro since things irl is forcing me to be fast on what i need to do XD

    i hate it :(

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