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  1. It doesnt have a use yet, but it might have a use later :3
  2. The point of this event, was to increase the WOE attendence, which I think it has. The GvG is the ACTUAL event, to decide the winner. This part was just a little bit of fun for everyone.
  3. That, will definately be interesting to watch.
  4. Tarot would work on the spirits, but you would struggle getting badges becaue yo cant use skills until you actually summon the spirit. And the guardians have very high def.
  5. Just Mahrze and Renne QQ And have we picked a town yet? : P
  6. Item name: Pussy Cat Bell Item ID: 5051 Why I want it?: Id love to be able to give my boyfriend back for all this things he's given me on this server
  7. Yes she is back <3 And she needs to set some dates! Cheap flights ftw!
  8. Definatley, 100% count me in
  9. Parents? Ptsh, I dont live with them anymore 8D SO I CAN COME
  10. *Looks up prices for flights* : D Zomg I cant wait. Pick a plaaaaace already!
  11. ME ME ME PICK ME : D Fourm name: Caulee IGN: wCaulee Timezone: GMT
  12. I think a WOE tournament would be awesome. Maybe prizes go to guilds who get pront castles? Best prizes going to the best castles (IE Kriem) and decrease in value as the castle does. I think that would be pretty fair.
  13. I defintkey think it should be there <3 But its up to everyone else as well! Get voting people!
  14. Berlin <3 I've always wanted to go there
  15. Yes next summer would be great :3 I'd love to go and meet everyone!
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