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  1. I woke up so late.. I missed the event.

  2. Are we allowed to kill steal?

    1. Dany


      no, only MVPS are free for all, use @noks

  3. Looking for something called.. Love~

    1. raphaelluigi


      It's like digging quest :3

    2. Gelo


      S> Love = Love :D

    3. Omstoppable


      hahah. more like harder than digging quest. XD better buy love than search for it. lol

  4. Minstrel or Shadooooow~ hmm

  5. S>gset = 19 rush

  6. B>KIEL. PM me in forum, or in Game. - Jin Mori / StrawHat ZoRo

  7. oh Come on! TAO!! = 300 miths.! sadly i dont have any miths.

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    2. akira21


      WTF!? shit, i dont have miths right now D:

    3. MarlboroBabe


      Tao Gunkas are HOW MUCH?! D8 omg so expensive..

    4. Omstoppable


      Well, it should be 470-500 miths, but I saw someone selling it for only 300. XD

  8. oh Come on! TAO!! = 300 miths.! sadly i dont have any miths.

  9. Hindi ko maintindihan ang lesson!!! Dahil nasa harapan kita. hahaha. XD

  10. WOohh.. malapit na June 6 !!!! hahaha. XD Excited??? heheh

  11. Ang galing mong magpustahan. Kaya pala ayaw mong magpatalo, kasi wala kang pera. tsk tsk.

  12. hang obir pa.. haha... XD

  13. I love you mama.... I will miss you.

  14. tol, belated. XD

  15. No!! I was scammed by kevs.. /gg sooner or later kevs was banned. hahaha jk


  17. buti nlng meron ka! haha, tagal ko naghahanap ng drake. 5miths deal! op n yan. XD

  18. haha, meron ka ba drake?

  19. may damage reduction kasi bawat sizes. ex.

    dagger= 100% small, 75 medium, 50 large

    axe= 50 smal, 75 medium, 100 large

    So kapag nilagyan ko ng drake.

    Dagger=100% small, 100 medium , 100 large.

    axe= 100 " " " " """" """""" """

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