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  1. What coin is the req from the vending machine? o.o afaik wasnt that the token of ox? If by any chance its bugged, sell me the beer hat.

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    2. Alexaa


      Yep, our vendinng machines now take coins for chance of hats.

    3. Gale Windscar

      Gale Windscar

      The Vending Machines are looking for the Silver Coins from the Coin Exchanger (1M each) where the Auction was once placed (next to the mailbox, upper right). Token of Ox was an old event I think, they can't be used for the Vending Machines.

    4. Olga


      thank for answering ;_; i shouldve exchanged my token of ox only if they weren't a headache exchanging 9000 lmao. That beer hat :/

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