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  1. Hi @Everade, please consider the suggestion below: My Suggestion
  2. Like to hear an update for this. Thanks!
  3. Does bubblegum increase the chances of getting rare loots?
  4. This is my 6th times failing. Hopefully this will stop.
  5. I broke 5 times straight just now when slotting my STR boots
  6. Mathematically speaking, how is it possible for one to sum a value with percentage as they are both in different forms? Unless you converted the total value and change it to get its percentage. But hey, I get what you meant. See the contradictions that you made in your statements? You first said it's based on drop rate so I asked how you got that from? And now you're quoting Everade's statement (as a reference). Is it not funny? Anyway, back to what I asked, do you have any reference to back up what you said. I mean this statement down here that you said. Hope to hear from you.
  7. Can you show me how you calculated it? I don't remember asking for the value. I asked that whether it's based in drop rate chance (your assumption or please show evidences for this) or per Luk (based on what Everade said). That's why I highlighted it. Please read carefully. I asked for evidences or references. You showed me examples that you made of your own based on your assumptions. Therefore, please read and understand what I wanted and not replying what is there not related to the questions. I wish to hear from Everade too.
  8. Thanks for the example, this I understood clearly. Is this not 442% in increment? Now I see our differences in understandings. Can you tell me where you got this from? That it's based in drop rate chance? Everade only stated 0.01% chance increase per Luk. No drop rate chance is referenced. Also, can you refer me to how this is related to your calculated figure will be added to the base drop rate? Please understand I'm not challenging you but I need evidences for my understanding. I think it's bad to spread false things to people. For understanding purposes, please show me your evidences or references. Much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I took my time to read it, yet I felt something was wrong with the interpretation that I got from you and from Everade. As stated by Everade, 0.01% chance increase per Luk Taking back the LUK = 342 example, should the increased drop rate should yield 3.42%. Hence the new total drop rate would be 4.42%. This is my understanding and that's why I asked. Can you verify my understanding? Please enlighten me. Thanks!
  10. Can I ask where you get this formulae from? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm having problem on taking down Celine Kimi, the MVP, all my damage is just 1. I've tried using converters, dispel, killing her phantom first yet nothing works. Please help. Thanks!
  12. Hi Hersheys, Yes, I'm well aware that it only works once 24 hours but I have been running this for a week now, yielding the same result- getting 5 VPs only and whenever I tried refreshing the vote page, the URL of GamesTop100 would still appeared to be 'clickable' (not faded like the rest of the vote sites) so naturally one will try again to vote but it would ended up with 'Your IP has voted'.
  13. Hi, GamesTop100 is not giving out any Vote Point, can the GM team please look at this? Thanks!
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